(VIDEO) Guinea Opposition Communique: March Will Take Place Mon. 9-23, IF Monitoring Comm. Receives Unsatisfactory Results from CENI Regarding Electoral Deficiencies Raised by Opposition

This is video of an opposition march which took place in May 2012 in Conakry.  As you will see, the size of the crowd  was nothing short of staggering.  If the opposition hits the streets on Monday, Sept. 23, the crowd will be even larger. 
As for the election, it appears that the Monitoring Committee will meet with the CENI on Friday, September 20, to hear about progress on addressing deficiencies identified by the opposition.

Read opposition communique in French at ufdgonline http://goo.gl/WG3bnE

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The World According to Alhousseiny Makanera: An Amateur RPG Propagandist Makes the Mistake of Thinking His Audience is Stupid

GUINEAGUYGUN“We don’t kill people.  We just like carrying big guns.”

Makanera has it all figured out.  Bah Oury, exiled Vice-President of the UFDG, is raising funds and inciting violence among the young opposition supporters in order to challenge Cellou Dalein Diallo for the heart and soul of the party.  It is a huge insult to opposition supporters to claim that they had to be directed to carry weapons.   It is experience that has taught them this.  Dangerous experience in demonstrations being shot, stabbed, beaten, and hauled off to jail without cause has taught them the necessity of carrying weapons in order to defend themselves and their families.


As proof of the diabolical plan by Bah Oury to cause havoc within the UFDG party, Makanera re-presents the RPG movie-like script which first debuted last Thursday where young opposition supporters turn against their “father,”  Diallo, and attack him.  Good try, Makanera, but no cigar!  Shortly after the incident, Diallo gave the real story.  During the demonstration, a large police vehicle repeatedly rammed into the back of his vehicle.  Then the police rammers paused briefly enough for Malinke hooligans to step in and attack his car by throwing a large rock through a window, wounding Fode Soumah.  It is wishful thinking that promotes the creation of a lie like this and it is out of desperation that one would repeat it.


Now, regarding the police.  Kudos to Aminata.com for making four attempts to get Makanera to quit lying about the role of the cops in the murders and wounding of opposition supporters with live ammunition.  If you follow Makanera’s logic, the opposition supporters are killing each other!


Oh, one more thing.  Nothing about this violence is ethnic in nature.


Guinea Oye thanks Mr. Makanera for a good laugh and a truly fascinating trip through the mind of an RPG propagandist.


The performance, uh, interview follows.


Article translated via Google

Posted on May 27, 2013

Guinea has been a weekend of violence that befell many families on Hamdallaye Cement-axis. Opposition to the regime of President Condé accused militias RPG rainbow backed by law enforcement to be the perpetrators of these killings. Aminata.com joined the phone Alhousseiny Makanera, Executive Board Member of RPG rainbow sky for the version of the ruling party. Read the interview:

Aminata.com: our country has experienced several days of deadly clashes. According to what explains the violence?
Alhousseiny Makanera : the problem lies in the UFDG, contrary to what people analyze. This is the battle within UFDG that has resurfaced and is now doing the Guinean suffer. Elhadj Diallo, at the UFDG he is bringing the values ​​of peace and national unity. Political education is crossed by two streams: the favorable Dalein Diallo which is conducive to peace and current Bah Oury advocating violence and hatred flow. It is the struggle between these two tendencies within the political party that has passed the apex was reached at the Bah Oury supporters have publicly attacked Elhadj Diallo by stoning on his vehicle. When Elhadj Diallo asked Guinea to return and focus on peace, Bah Oury asking young people to go out and continue the resistance to attack security forces. Today we must qu’Elhadj Diallo is respected for it have the fullness manage the party. It is outside, exile is not good. The problem is that Bah Oury wants to go even with violence.

Do you think about Bah Oury can do 8 dead?
It is not only his speech, we know there are a number of people here that we know that are outside that collect money to fund youth thugs to protest and block. We know, but the time will come when everyone will answer for his actions. Speech Oury Bah came to give us reason presumptive people. The speech was broadcast very unfortunately, the night as I listened. You heard someone say that we will prepare for self-defense militias.

Numerous witnesses reported that many young people are shot dead by the police. What do you say?
I do not agree with you. This is not all those who died were killed by bullets by police. First I do not differentiate between dead, a Guinean who died is a Guinean who did not deserve to die because God said in his current “if you kill a person it is as if you killed all mankind “. But I must tell you, there are Guinean who have weapons of war. Even among the protesters are people who have guns. If you see your own investigation. Today I was surprised by the statement of the President of Halli Pular when he says that this repression is an ethnic group, it is not true. We live in areas where there are many Fulani, all those who are there is no danger. Come see us here Nongo nobody complains. So there may be collateral damage in these areas. But the basis is the bandits who attack barricades and kill people.

So the police do not kill?
I’m not saying that the police do not kill. There may smudge. But I want to say that wherever there is violence, because it’s bandits barricade, kill and injure. It is also clear many people were killed by these bandits.

What do you think of roles that police have made ​​to fit these events that made ​​shot dead?
should that make a difference between the protesters who participated in these marches and bandits. Walking is a definite stretch and a definite period. If three or four days after the march, people take to the streets you do not have to do with elements of political parties, you have to do to bandits.

But there have been several cases of older than 14 years and 10 years young who are shot at close range in their home.
I do not know that they are killed in their home. But age does not check. Do not focus on age. You followed me as on national television, a 14 year old who wanted to rape and kill a girl. That is not the police. If the police had not arrested the young, we would say that it is the police who killed him. Whether someone is killed by security forces or bandits, must be condemned. But do not just think it’s the police who kill. The girl, everyone has seen his testimony. If he had not known, we would say that it is a toddler, it is a 14 year old, he can not do that. I’m not saying there is not a blunder on the part of law enforcement. The cause is that the bandits are everything. I frankly am opposed to the people of Cosa, rather than as a victim resigned, they had prevented the bandits turn their place in war, many people would not die. For us, the people said no bandit will not come here, is that the police came here. Them, they accept that the bandits barricade, they accept that they stab, when the police come, they say police launch gas kill. But do they have prevented young to go out and barricade. I’m not saying that there were no burrs. If there was barb is because there were bandits who made ​​dams, who stabbed people.

Thank you for accepting this interview

It is with pleasure.

Interview conducted by Alpha Oumar Diallo Aminata.com
alpha.oumar aminata.com @
224 666 62 25 24

Opposition Marches on Three Continents in One Week: Paris, New York, and Guinea


Last week, Guinea Oye posted an announcement about an opposition march which will take place in Paris on May 18. On Monday, May 20, there will be an opposition march in New York – details are below.  On May 22,  the opposition will march in Guinea followed by a nationwide march on May 23, and a nationwide strike day on May 24.  More information will be provided on this march as details become available.

New York Opposition March, May 20:  The Collective, the ADP, the CDR, and the Liberal Bloc

DATE: Lundi May 20, 2013

TIME:  Start at 10 am

Location: 39th. St in front of the Guinean Mission to the United Nations.

Then the UN headquarters .

Train: 4, 5, 6.7 and Metro North to 42nd St & Lexington Avenue Grand Central Station.

The message: 

  To defend the fundamental freedoms.

 To respect human rights

For the release of supporters arrested and detained without trial.

 For a frank and sincere political dialogue.

We say NO to:    Alpha Condé’s willingness to organize a sham election.

Men and women, citizens (nes) of Guinea, this is our fight, and it is in solidarity that we can honor those who have fallen under the dictatorship of Alpha Condé.

For infomation, contact:

646 307 5570; 646 240 6603: 347 223 7803; 718 708 9266; 347 828 2152; 347 255 4076; 917 569 7816; 646 837 2471; 347 260 7395

The Organizing Committee

Guinea’s Intifada: The Right to Resist a Repressive Regime (Video, May 2)

The following video may be the best thing Guinean security forces ever did for the people of Guinea.  The video was taken by forces as they attempted to make encroachments into Peul neighborhoods on the day of the last opposition march, May 2.  Several trucks and a hot water cannon truck struggle to get through burning barricades and an avalanche of rocks thrown by young kids and men.  The Peul neighborhoods were organized in their strategy and  the rock throwers  stood their ground making the security forces retreat more than once.

This film is a stunning bird’s eye view of young Guineans who have decided that security forces, often accompanied by Conde’s Malinke militias and Donzos, will not terrorize their neighborhoods any longer.   It is in these kind of operations that  Peuls have been murdered, women raped, ransacking and theft of valuables, and burning of homes and businesses.

Note to the international community:  This video shows clearly that this intifada is out of the bag.  You can’t stuff it back in.  And, if you continue to press the people of Guinea to stay in a dialogue process with their killers and force them to vote in fraudulent elections, well, more of this is on the way.  Please, no complaints about “violent” opposition supporters.  It is a clear case of  “no justice, no peace.”  Period.

The video has some sound problems and goes seemingly silent around the 19:00 minute mark for about five minutes.   You may need to adjust your speakers.  The video is about 41 minutes long and is followed by an unrelated video, tacked onto the end of this one and lasting about ten minutes, in which the sound is terrible.  

Guinea: State-Sponsored Forces and Alpha Conde Need to Be Given a “Stand Down” Order, Time for Someone to Stand Up (VIDEO)

It’s been a very bad three days in Guinea.  The security forces, in a violent and deadly fashion. prevented the opposition march last Thursday from proceeding down the Fidel Castro highway.  Tear gas, live bullets, and excitable security officers shooting  as if the marchers were plastic ducks swimming in the pool at the country fair.  Except these targets bleed real blood.  Two dead and several wounded seriously.

But, the day after, Friday, state-sponsored forces (security, Donzos, and RPG militia) burrowed deep into opposition neighborhoods, primarily Peul, and unleashed their terror.  On Friday, there were at least three more extra-judicial killings – all at close range.   The president of the opposition party SARP  was gravely injured by a rock.  Today, the headquarters of Cellou Dalein Diallo’s UFDG party was attacked by security forces with tear gas and shooting while people were inside meeting.  More on this in another post.

To pursue one’s constitutional rights in Guinea, is to stare death in the face.  We know why Alpha Conde upholds and fosters his repressive state:  with the theft of the 2010 election, this is the only way to keep in check the overwhelming majority of Guineans who did not vote for him.  He can only continue this way if the international community continues to support him.  For several years, Guineans showed a lot of deference to members of the international community, thinking its support would be helpful.  But, the international community became increasingly difficult to read as it talked to average Guineans about democracy yet supported a violent and repressive Conde government.  In 2009, reeling from the September 28, massacre and rapes and the worrisome Capt. Dadis Camara and his military junta, the international community wanted, in their next move, to refrain from raising the ire of  Guinea’s 40,000 plus, largely Malinke, army.  This meant that there was only one path for Guinea and the international community was the scout leader.  The next president of Guinea had to be a civilian and a Malinke. France was willing to offer its adopted son of 59 years, Alpha Conde.  Also, the new president had to be “agreeable” about the sharing of Guinea’s resources.  For a very short time, the international community got some of what it was looking for in Conde.  Then, his ethnocentric hate speech and policies to cut Peuls out of every aspect of governance was followed by incarcerations and elimination of Peuls.  Forget the violence agreement.  If Conde makes peace with Peuls, he loses his base of support – Malinkes.  Don’t forget the 2010 election year refrain of the Malinkes, “Anybody but a Peul.” Add to this his nepotism, his skimming off the top of mining deals teed up by his overseers, George Soros and Tony Blair, and the nagging concern about that 2010 election “fraught with problems.” Now the question becomes, “Is Conde more of a problem than he is worth?”  And this is where things are now.  Guineans are asking the international community to choose sides.  When you support a pariah, you become a friend of a pariah.  When you support someone with blood on his hands, it drip all over yours, too.

Following are two videos:  the first is a speech by UFDG party president and opposition leader, Cellou Dalein Diallo, at the April 25 opposition march, where he addresses the international community about the state of Guinea (in French) and the second video is from this past Thursday’s march showing the kids resisting the security forces with rocks – this is an intifada, a very legitimate intifada.

GUINEA: Opposition Says “No” to Gov’t. Dialogue Meeting and “Yes” to March on Thursday, May 2



Article from guineenews.org , translated via Google into English, editing by Guinea Oye

The Opposition is not joining the Prime Minister for the dialogue meeting: “We will send a letter,” says Lansana Kouyate

posted on April 28, 2013 at 6:22 p.m.

The standoff between the government and the opposition continues to harden. Mistrust and suspicion in the political pond in our country are exacerbated by the publication of a presidential decree, on Saturday, April 13, 2013, calling the electorate to the polls on June 30. Since then, in both statements and speeches, disagreements between the two movements are growing. The international facilitator [Said Djinnit] appointed by the Secretary General of the UN on the eve of the publication of this decree has, for the moment, got a non-violence agreement among parties that has “lived” since the time of his signature. The march of April 25 was more dramatic than the previous (April 18), leaving one dead and several wounded, some by live ammunition, observers reported.

Another initiative of the international facilitator, after his round of visits with stakeholders, is the revival of the political dialogue. The Prime Minister sent a letter to the opposition at the beginning of the weekend requesting a resumption of talks on Monday, April 29 with the Prime Minister. The opposition takes exception to the Government’s refusal to rescind the decree setting the date of elections for June 30 which obstructed dialogue and release of opposition marchers arrested who were exercising their right to protest. The main opposition leaders decided on Sunday to refuse to participate in a dialogue with the government until these preconditions are met. According to the procedure, opposition leaders will dispatch a letter to the Prime Minister. “We will send our spokesperson [Aboubacar Sylla] to respond to the letter from the Prime Minister,” said the president of the SARP, Elhadj Lansana Kouyate, who was reached by phone overnight on Sunday.
Concerning our question about the purpose of the spokesman of the opposition attending the meeting with the Prime Minister — will he represent the opposition or only to file the pposition’s reply letter, Lansana Kouyaté said: “We send our spokesperson to deliver to the Prime Minister our response letter notifying him that we will not participate in dialogue as the conditions obstructing our participation have not been removed. ”

These conditions, according to the opposition, are the decree calling the electorate to the polls on June 30 and the release of opposition activists. 

Furthermore, we learn that the opposition will not participate in current electoral actions and will not file any application for candidates in the June 30 election, being certain that it will succeed in preventing the holding of parliamentary elections under current conditions. Another week of uncertainty begins!

The opposition is involved in preparations for the net march which will be on Thursday, May 2, along the Fidel Castro Highway, we learn.

Nouhou Balde
Conakry, Guinea

Opposition Returns to the Viper’s Nest of the Rogue State of Guinea–April 8 March is Cancelled


As a general rule, cooperation with a rogue state specifically, participation in dialogue with a rogue state, should be avoided at all costs. Conde’s regime is a viper’s nest of illegality, shamelessness, and violence and Guinean politicians, who purport to work on behalf of the people, should have disengaged from the Conde regime long ago.

Below is a declaration from the opposition explaining that the April 8 march was planned because of the government’s refusal to respect agreements made in dialogue meetings. Then it says the march is off because the government has agreed to meet “most” of the pre-requisites set forth by the opposition and that there will be an acceleration of the proceedings for the release of over 119 opposition supporters arrested without cause on February 27. At the end of the declaration, it adds that another consideration in cancelling the march and returning to the dialogue table is the involvement of Guinea’s social movement.  More on this in a minute.

To be as truly confounded as others are concerning the opposition’s about-face, recall the last straw that sent the opposition screaming out of Sekoutoureya Palace last week.

In its determination to betray the opposition and to hoodwink, with unabashed chutzpah, the most senior UN official in West Africa, Said Djinnit, Conde’s PM, Said Fofana (with an assist of at least two Rasputins lurking around the edges of the dialogue), sent a letter to Djinnit to tell him that “all parties” agreed that General Lamine Cisse, a name the government had floated publicly already, was the choice for international facilitator. Djinnit wrote back saying that given the approval of “all parties,” he concurred in the choice of Cisse. It sounded nice and tidy, but the actions of the government violated its agreement with the opposition that the government would send a letter to the UN or ECOWAS asking one of these organizations to select someone from their organization to serve as the international facilitator. In fact, the government never asked the opposition to approve Cisse, which they wouldn’t have done, but that is academic now. General Cisse has just withdrawn from the international facilitator function, something he had to do because Fofana has written a new letter to the international community, through the UN, asking for a facilitator to be appointed. Unless he and the Rasputins decided to pull another fast one, a new international facilitator should be announced early next week.

Africaguinee.com reported earlier today, in a related development, that Guinea’s National Transition Council, known by its French acronym, CNT, weighed in on Guinea’s political impasse which may be the reason the opposition indicated that a reason for its return to dialogue is that Guinea’s social movement is solidly focused on the political situation. CNT president and Conde rubber stamper, Rabiatou Diallo, cautioned both the government and the opposition not to do anything that would lead to a serious disruption in the country. In addition, Diallo announced that the CNT is establishing a “monitoring” committee to ensure that no provocative action is taken in the social, economic, and political sectors which would lead to a nationwide fissure. Wow! Alpha Conde doesn’t even have this power, but through his rubber stamper, he will be pulling some levers.

This new turn of events means that one of two things has taken place in Guinea. Either the international community has signaled the opposition to swallow their pride and good sense and stay at the negotiating table because they are sending in the cavalry soon to save the day, or, a replay of the day after Conde stole the 2010 presidential election, when interim president, Sekouba Konate, called the rightful winner, Cellou Dalein Diallo, and told him that the city was filled with anti-Peul militias and if he and his supporters contested the results, Conakry would turn into a bloodbath.

But, the most critical thing at this moment is to find out what kind of Kool-Aid is being served at the Palace during dialogue meetings. The future of the country may depend on it.

From aminata.com


In a statement received by our editorial Guinean opposition is back on the reason for the delay of the event she had planned on Monday. Read the full statement:

“The Guinean opposition had planned a peaceful march for Monday, April 8, 2013 followed by a dead city strike the next day due to the government’s refusal to respect the agreements reached around pre-national political dialogue.

After four days of discussions, the Government has finally agreed to meet most of the following prerequisites required to open a direct dialogue with the opposition and structured:

– The establishment of a framework for dialogue consists of small power, opposition and a three facilitators appointed by the Government, the opposition and the international community;

– The call for an international facilitator on the basis of a request already addressed this Friday 05 April, the Government of the Secretary General of the United Nations;

– The actual freezing of the activities of INEC formalized by a regulatory act which compliance will be strictly monitored;

– The acceleration of the proceedings leading to the release, in a short time, people detained for their participation in peaceful march on February 27;

Because of these advances and also taking into account the involvement of the social movement in Guinea resolve the current political crisis, the opposition decided to postpone its peaceful march and day city life of 08 and 09 April. She asks the people of Guinea quietly go about its business these days, but still mobilized to respond favorably to any possible appeal further.

The opposition seized the opportunity to confirm to the national and international community its willingness to actively participate in any dialogue serene, sincere and constructive whose objective is to find a consensual way, solutions to the current political, economic and social that our country.
Conakry, April 5, 2013

The Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP)
The Collective Political Parties for Completing the Transition
The Republican Club (CDR)
The United Front for Democracy and Progress (PDF)