On the Eve of Supreme Court Announcement of Election Results, Opposition Asks Supporters to Be at the Ready in Case Street Protests are Called


[The French version can be found at guineenews.org.  Below is the article translated into English by Google, with editing by Guinea Oye.]

Shortly after his return from Dakar, the leader of the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG) Diallo, went to Ratoma, a suburb of Conakry, on Thursday to thank its base. Taking advantage of this meeting, he also asked his supporters to stand ready in case the opposition would give instructions for street protests after the publication of the final results of the legislative by the Supreme Court of Guinea.

In the presence of allies, includingMouctar Diallo of the New Democratic Forces (NFD) and new members, including the Ratoma Elhadj Aliou Mamadou Bah, the youth leader has made it clear that Friday will be a decisive day. In his leader, he was asked to keep his speech. Young, he told them to remain “united, welded”.

In his speech, Diallo praised his supporters for both the mobilization and participation in the last elections and that, despite all the difficulties encountered. “The victory of Ratoma is not a surprise though Mr. Alpha Condé has tried everything.”

Speaking of publication of the final results of the legislative, Diallo electrifies the crowd. “I see, everyone here would like to know what would be done tomorrow,” he started the cheers.

Moreover, Diallo has asked his supporters to be ready. “I ask you to stay tuned for the party leadership, trust us. Opposition will have a meeting at noon Saturday UFDG after the announcement of final results, we will discuss the results and make a decision. Until then, stay ready and mobilized. “

Later, the leader of the UFDG warned his supporters that his party does not fight for the presidency of the National Assembly, but the President of the Republic in 2015, he insisted.


Guinea Update 4-4: Lawyers File to Send Conde to ICC for Crimes Against Humanity, Conde Denies Dadis Camara Return to Bury Mother, Former Conde Supporter Tells All (VIDEO-FR), and Telliano Badgered in Court

French attorneys file complaint against Alpha Conde to the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity

Based on information from: guineeactu.com, aminata.com, and guinee58.com

A group of Guineans have obtained the services of two French lawyers of the Paris Bar to file a complaint against Alpha Conde for crimes against humanity associated with brutal repression during and after the February 27, 2013 opposition march.

The lawyers are Houcine Bardi and Damien Ayrole and in their complaint they say:

“Facts of crimes against humanity following the brutal repression that has befallen the population at peaceful demonstrations in February 2013, which caused many casualties among the civilian population.”

Here is a link to the document filed (in Frnech) by the attorneys, Plainte contre Alpha Condé au TPI


Alpha Conde Bars Guinea’s Military Junta Leader from Attending His Mother’s Funeral in Guinea

From guinee58.com (translated via Google with editing by Guinea Oye)

Thursday, April 4, 2013 5:27

dadis_ouaga It is a real thunderbolt that has descended on the sages of the coordination of the forest for several days leading negotiations for the presence of Captain Dadis Camara at the funeral of his mother whose death was announced yesterday after afternoon.

We told you in our previous editions that the mother of the former strongman of the CNDD died at the age of 103 years. When Camara expressed his desire to attend the funeral, the people of the Forecst spared no effort. People were appointed to approach Alpha Conde about granting Camara entrance into Guinea so he could bury his mother, hoping, that due to the circumstances, Conde would grant the trip.

“Rather, we ran up against a wall. He told us that the presence of Dadis Camara would cause public disorder “reveals this group. “This is unacceptable to prevent someone in this case, Dadis Camara, to attend the funeral of his mother.” The Professor Alpha Condé, is he afraid of the unwavering popularity for Camara that can be found in military garrisons?

Other sources reported the involvement of several heads of states of the subregion who pleaded the cause of Captain Dadis Camara so he could accompany his mother to her final resting place. But until we dispatch this line, the position of President Alpha Conde has not changed one iota. From the beginning, his answer was always “no” and it has not changed.

Of this refusal, President Alpha Condé shows his contempt of Guineans. This illustrates once again that his word is based only on the wind and we should not trust him.

To be continued …

Aly Soumah www.guinee58.com , Conakry

Former Supporter of Alpha Conde’s Tells All

From guinea58.com (translate via Google with editing by Guinea Oye)

Repentance of a former militant Alpha Conde

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013 7:42 p.m.

alpha_kourouma Rare enough are those to be noted as Conde supporters are experts in the art of disguising the truth. Mr. Alpha Kourouma delivers a poignant frightening look at life in the RPG. Mr. Kourouma is a former supporter of Alpha Condé who is disillusioned like thousands of Guineans. He owns his past and proudly claims rallying to the opposition.

Without jargon, Mr. Kourouma describes the dictatorial regime of Alpha Condé. In crude terms, he portrayed the character of tribal politics Alpha Condé. He tells very informative stories about the shameful practices of Conde’s administration, including appointment to positions based on ethnicity in Conakry. According to Mr. Kourouma, Guineans are dismissed from the administration because of their ethnicity and others are recruited because they are of President Alpha Condé’s ethnic group, Malinke. He witnessed the dismissals of young Soussous and Peulhs to allow the recruitment of young Malinkés.

Driven by his patriotic conscience, Mr. Kourouma eventually resigned for not endorsing the dictatorship of Alpha Condé.

Alpha Kourouma urged Guineans to refuse the division and the instrumentalization of ethnicity.

Below is a video of his statement (in French):

Jean Marc Telliano’s “Theatre of the Absurd” Day in Court

Based on guineelibre.com article

Telliano appeared in court on Tuesday morning and two leaders of the opposition were there to support him, Cellou Dalein Diallo and Mouctar Diallo. Some opposition supporters gathered outside the court, but security dispersed them. Telliano was charged with “insulting the president,” something that after two years with Alpha Conde as president, well over half the population could be charged with.

In case “insulting the president” didn’t carry enough weight to get him locked up an embezzlement charge was thrown in.

You may recall that Telliano made statements at the February 27 opposition march that cut a little too close to the bone for Conde. Telliano said he would like Conde to show the graves of his parents in Guinea, but knows he can’t because his parents are of burkinabe and senegalo-malienne origin. What he was referring to is that Conde has little tie to Guinea or its people because of his parents origins. And there is the fact that Conde spent 59 years in France.

After the trial Cellou Diallo shared his impressions:

We came to show our solidarity with Jean Marc Telliano . Nobody denies that the President of the Republic of Guinean is a citizen with all the rights. He was elected as a Guinean citizen, but everyone knows that he has origins in Burkina Faso. This is not an insult, it’s not an insult, it is a reality and no part of it taints his honor or dignity “

“So, on this basis, we can not call, try and convict Jean Marc Telliano. It is in the context of a political rally he recalled these facts, which are facts and do not constitute any breach of honor or dignity of any person.”

Telliano’s lawyer said that he was questioned for hours at the court in Mafanco and that he was supposed to return today for more.

FLASH! All Guinean Opposition Leaders Summoned to Appear in Court March 14 on Charges of Civil Liability for Damages Caused During Feb. 27 March

All leaders of all three blocks of the opposition, the Collective, the ADP and the CDR, are summoned to appear next Thursday, March 14 in the court of first instance in Dixinn and are accused of being “civilly liable for damages caused during the February 27, 2013 march in the streets of Conakry as members of the organizing committee.”

Parties mentioned are, among others, the NGR of Abe Sylla, the GPT of Kassory Fofana, the RDIG of Jean Marc Telliano, the UFDG of Cellou Dalein Diallo, the UFR of Sidya Touré, the UFC Aboubacar Sylla, the SARP of Lansana Kouyaté, the PPG Dean Charles Pascal Tolno, the UNRof Boubacar Barry, the AFAG of Baidy Aribot , thee GECI of Fode Mohamed Soumah, the PS of Thierno Saidou Bayo, and the NFD of Mouctar Diallo.

While the overall charge is “civil liability for damages,” the specific charges are numerous: gatherings, parades and processions on public roads while armed, assault with bodily harm, contempt of the custodians of the public force, damage to private property, interference with the exercise of rights and freedom and duties of maintaining order, destruction and damage buildings or public facilities or private . . ., etc.

Africaguinee.com contacted Cellou Daein Dialo of the UFDG party for comment. He said he was not surprised by the summons to court since Conde had said he would do so in a speech earlier. He added that “we are innocent victims of violence” and that the court process is not likely to promote “healing.”

GUINEA: Massive Opposition Funeral Procession, Tomorrow, Friday, March 8 and Conde Gov’t. Making Threats Against Lives of Opposition Leaders

Following are two articles from the Guinean press. The first describes plans for the funeral procession to bury nine opposition activists tomorrow, Friday, March 8. The second concerns apparent plans by Conde’s government to physically eliminate at least three opposition leaders: Jean Marc Telliano (RDIG), Mouctar Diallo (NFD) and Faya Millimono (BL).

In the past, Guinean security services have met funeral processions with tear gas and live fire. Please see the following Guinea Oye post of October 3, 2012 and the shocking account of Conde’s security services firing on a funeral procession on September 28, 2012:

(PICS) On the Third Anniversary of the 2009 Massacre, Guinea Security Forces Fire Into Funeral Procession – Four Wounded

If you combine the violence which took place during and after the February 27 march with what surely will be a massive funeral procession, along with threats against the lives of some opposition leaders, tomorrow, Friday, looks as though it could be a very dangerous day.

Stay tuned . . .

Articles have been translated into English with editing by Guinea Oye.

Funeral of nine opposition activists on Friday, a long procession at high risk …

posted March 7, 2013 at 9:47 am

This is a joint statement by the Alliance for Democracy and Progress (ADP) of collective political parties to finalize the transition (Collective) and club Republicans (CDR) signed yesterday regarding arrangements for the funeral of nine opposition activists which will be held this Friday, March 8, 2013.
Killed by bullets or knives, the young opposition activists were killed on the day of the march of the opposition, on February 27, and in the days that followed. That is why the member parties of the ADP, the collective and the CDR-organizers of the said event, ask their “activists and supporters and all Guinean citizens who love justice and freedom to participate massively in the funeral to pay a final tribute to the illustrious dead. ”
According to the opposition, funeral ceremonies begin at 13 hours by removing the body from Donka Hospital, followed by prayers at the Grand Mosque Faisal. Before burial in the cemetery of Bambeto, the funeral procession will leave the mosque to take the route of Prince highway, through Dixinn, and reach Hamdallaye Bambeto. The opposition “also invites the people of Guinea to make this day Friday, March 8, 2013 a day of recollection for the repose of the souls of the nine martyrs and all victims of political violence in Guinea. ”
The mourners can meet at the mosque and proceed to the cemetery in Bambeto. Slogans can be sung by young people who accompany their dead friends, speeches (more caustic) by political leaders, and especially the likely reaction of RPG (Conde’s party) militants as the procession passes by their headquarters based in Hamdallaye … more than one in Conakry is risk averse concerning this funeral Friday, March 8.

Nouhou Baldé
Conakry, Guinea

Policy –Opposition Leaders Jean Marc Telliano, Faya Millimono, and Mouctar Diallo in fear for their lives

posted March 7, 2013 at 9:53 |

It is 4:30 p.m. © Guinéenews learned of the presence of policemen in civilian clothes at the headquarters of opposition party, RDIG in Yimbaya. According to our information, the President of RDIG and former Minister of Agriculture in Alpha Conde’s cabinet, Jean Marc Telliano narrowly missed being arrested at his home today after receiving word that police were on their way to pick him up.

According to Mouctar Diallo, President of the NFD opposition party, Jean Marc Telliano called him personally with the news. “He told me they want to kill us,” says the former Minister of Livestock, Diallo, over the phone to © Guinéenew. He spoke of a desire by the government to eliminate physically opponents of Conde’s government which included himself, Jean Marc Telliano (RDIG) and Dr. Faya Milimono, president of the Liberal block (BL).
All attempts to contact Jean Marc Telliano were unsuccessful. His phone rings and nobody picks up!
For his part, the Chairman of the BL, Millimono was unavailable as we publish these lines.
Guinea is currently experiencing a political crisis, exacerbated by violence resulting from an opposition walk approved by the government. The violence, which paralyzed the country for more than a week has claimed the lives of nine opposition activists that will be buried tomorrow, Friday, after a long funeral procession from the mosque Faisal (Dixinn) to the Cemetery in Bambeto (Ratoma).
In recent days, the opposition is now seeking a formal, international mediation to avoid the worst …

Nouhou Baldé
Conakry, Guinea

Guinea’s Conde Wants to Prosecute Opposition Leaders Over March: Let’s Get Straight About State-Sponsored Violence During March, After March, Wednesday Night and Today

Amadou Bah

Amadou Tela Bah, died of a stab wound from an RPG thug who infiltrated the opposition march on Wednesday, February 27, 2013.

Today, Justice Ministry spokesman, Ibrahim Beavogui, announced that a “public action” had been opened against organizers of the march for violation of criminal codes Including “altering the agreed upon route.”

According to several Guinean websites, the march was nothing short of massive. A government spokesperson gave numbers for the injured over state TV Wednesday evening: 130 – 68 police, 62 civilians. Today, the number of injured has increased slightly to 138. As of Thursday evening two youths are dead. One was run over by a car along the march route and the second, Amadou Tela Bah, pictured above, was stabbed by an RPG activist who infiltrated the opposition march. The high number of police injured is suspect. Throughout Wednesday, the estimated number of injured climbed from 43 to 51 and now 138. In each estimate, the number of police injured kept apace with civilian injuries. It is impossible to believe that the the police, with their helmets, truncheons, and guns could have suffered 68 injuries. More on this at the end of this post.

Now let’s review the violence step by step.


An apparently seriously injured man lies in the street during Wednesday opposition march and no one comes to his aid.


From the website of the UFDG, the party of Cellou Dalein Diallo , ufdgonline.org

Around 2 PM, Conakry time, as UFDG leader, Cellou Dalein Diallo, and his colleagues in a caravan, arrived in Hamdallaye which is where the headquarters of the RPG party of Alpha Conde is located. From the headquarters, RPG activists pelted the caravan with stones. Shortly thereafter, when the marchers passed by the RPG Headquarters, they found themselves pelted with rocks as well. None of the security officers intervened to prevent the stone throwing. This was followed by tear gas set off by police which resulted in the march being cut in two. Security forces moved in swinging truncheons causing many injuries. Then, the security forces took the repression up several notches when they fired live rounds into the demonstration. This resulted in several serious injuries.

Just a short distance from Hamdallaye,in La Miniere, the same scenario unfolded – RPG throwing rocks, lobbing tear gas, truncheon beatings, and live fire. There were several injuries and property damage. There was at least one other such incident along the parade route.

Several peaceful marchers were arrested and taken away to secret detention centers.


After the march, it was learned that the home of the Federal Secretary of UFDG Youth, Ratoma 1, had been ransacked by gendarmes who stole several valuable items. Interestingly enough,Bah Oury, VP of the UFDG, living in exile in France, stated in a recent interview that the “kangaroo” trial taking place in Conakry to frame people for a non-existent attack on Conde’s house in July 2011, is targeting opposition youth leaders in Ratoma, in particular.


The following photo and personal accounts are from

Several shops were vandalized in Taouyah after opposition rally in Conakry, Guinea held Wednesday. However, Guinéenews © collected information from a number of victims. Read!

Sekou Kaba, a shopkeeper in Taouyah: “I lost everything”
“I lost a lot of goods. Today, I lost everything. They put the fire in my container. We do not expect that. I request the authorities to support us because we are in need. Us, we were on the other side of the road. We saw the fire take our store and it was too late. ‘

Oury Sow, shop owner”” Oury Fashion: “My last order came to $ 30,000”
“I am a trader in the market Taouyah. I sell clothing and women’s shoes. Whenever there are street protests, people are attacking my shop. This is the third time now that I am a victim. My merchandise has come it does not even three days, behold, they came to all. They broke the wall behind to enter the shop. They have nothing left inside. I can not tell you exactly how much I lost but I know that my last order amounted to thirty thousand dollars ($ 30,000). I know nothing of politics. I am a trader. It is through this that I can feed my family. I’ve been searching for fifteen years now I’ve just lost everything in one day. ‘

Ben Diallo, victim: “My car was stoned four sides”
“I live on this floor for six years. Whenever there are events, we are being attacked. I was lying when I saw a crowd of people in our backyard. They began to break the cars that were parked in the yard. There were at least seven cars. They were all broken. I am not a politician and whenever there are events like this are we poor citizens who take the rap. Stoned with these vehicles, it is not the opposition or the movement that will repair these vehicles, it is myself. We have enough of that now. ‘
Interview by Barry Sarifou

Barry Sarifou
Conakry, Guinea


Gendarmes rampant in the neighborhood Carriere

Posted on February 28, 2013


Local residents Carriere in the community of Matam are undergoing violations of human rights, Aminata.com has learned. A local resident contacted by our editorial said that gendarmes supported by young RPG activists are sowing terror in the neighborhood.

“Help us please, we suffer a lot here. The police and young people break into our homes to steal all the goods they found. They violently beat the young before embarking on the drive to destinations unknown “is unworthy of a young sad voice. “It is unimaginable that we’re living. I saw police go after a young man who they beat to death. His face is completely bloodied, “he adds.

According to several witnesses, the police engaged in violent repression profane ethnic insults such as “you peulhs we will destroy you”, “everyone understands that you are wrong in this country, we will you eradicate “… When we put this article online, the neighborhood Carriere is besieged by police and youth activists RPG arc-en-ciel, some armed with spear stone knives. “You hear the shot?” Said another citizen whose neighborhood is under siege.

A citizen of the area contacted by Aminata.com about the death of a young man who was shot and killed. But for now, no independent source confirmed the killing shot. We will return.

Alpha Oumar Diallo, Aminata.com

Abuses of the security forces against civilians Hamdallaye-axis Cosa

Posted on February 28, 2013


The lull between the young opposition protesters and security forces has been of short duration. The clashes resumed this morning between police and young protesters on the axis-Hamdallaye Cosa learned Aminata.com the residents of these districts.

According to our information, the agents of the gendarmerie pour chasseraient now even to private homes of citizens. A Bambeto and Dar Salam, gendarmes entering homes to loot and steal items including mobile, silver, jewelery … They apprehended youth and beat some of them beat some to death. When we put this article online, the forces are engaged in atrocities in Hamdallaye and Bambeto. To be continued.

Alpha Oumar Diallo Aminata.com
+224 66 62 25 24


This afternoon Cellou Diallo and Mouctar Diallo paid a visit to the family of the young man, Amadou Bah, killed in the march yesterday. As they left, the vehicle they were traveling in was pelted with rocks by RPG thugs. Security was close by, but did nothing to stop the young men. The incident was over without any damage to people and only slight damage to the vehicle.

Afterwards, Cellou Diallo was quoted as saying that this is how things deteriorated in Rwanda – when none of the security services would offer protection to Tutsis.


During the march on Wednesday morning the intentions of the Conde government were clear because the same scenario is played out almost every time there is an opposition march. The security forces and the RPG thugs work in concert. The RPG provokes an incident by throwing rocks at the opposition supporters. Then, the security forces lob tear gas in every direction and proceed to attack opposition supporters trying to make it appear that the opposition youth were the ones throwing rocks.  It is this kind of hoax that allows the government to say that 68 police were injured and that the opposition is the culprit.

And, as you have seen in the previous section, the RPG thugs and security have teamed up again terrorizing opposition areas in Conakry and attacking homes of ethnic Peuls.

Conde, forced by the international community to allow the march to take place, still kept one card in his pocket. He told the international community that he would allow the march but if marchers committed violence, he was duty bound to prosecute them to the fullest extent under the law. Not only did this hoax allow Conde’s government to conduct mass, illegal arrests of opposition youths, more importantly, it allows him to possibly put opposition leaders in jail. After all, Conde has always treated opposition leaders as enemies of the state.


In New York, Guineans Let the World Know They Demand Justice for Victims of Sept. 28, 2009 Massacre and Rapes

The pouring rain did nothing to dampen the spirits of protesters in New York this past Friday on the third anniversary of a military junta-sponsored massacre and rape of women in Conakry, Guinea. If anything, the bad weather seemed to energize the 400+ crowd, as they stood behind police barricades, across the street from the office of the Guinean mission to the UN, calling for justice for Sept. 28 victims and for Alpha Conde to leave office.

During the protest, an employee of the mission came out on the sidewalk to videotape the protesters. The crowd reacted angrily and the police moved in quickly to defuse the situation by asking him to stop videotaping. He did, temporarily, and then resumed. The crowd roared again and the police and event organizers figured it was a good time to start the march to the UN where a rally would be held.

The march was just as lively as the protest. Protesters continued the same chants which called for justice and an early retirement for Alpha Conde. The march proceeded along NY sidewalks at lunch hour. Huge cardboard pictures held aloft the heads of marchers showed the carnage of the Sept. 28 massacre. New Yorkers, normally unfazed by most things, stopped in their tracks, stunned by the horror depicted in the pictures. Several pulled out their cell phones and snapped pictures.

The march ended at Dag Hamerskjold Park, across from the UN, where marchers met up with a couple hundred more supporters.

Kadiatou Diallo kicked off the rally by reading a statement from her organization, Pottal-Fii-Bhantal Fouta Djallon, which organized the event. Ms. Diallo exhorted activists to continue the struggle for justice for victims of Sept. 28. She added that a large part of the work ahead will involve fighting the pervasive impunity within Alpha Conde’s administration which prevents indictments of Sept.28 massacre perpetrators from taking place.

Mouctar Diallo, a candidate in the Guinean 2010 presidential election, a former cabinet member, and presently the head of the New Democratic Forces opposition party, was in New York for a visit and spoke to the crowd. Mr. Diallo stated that the impunity of Alpha Conde’s government has made it impossible to achieve justice for victims and is the primary impediment to other civil and human rights problems in the country. He stressed the need for activists to remain vigilant and warned that the Conde administration is prepared for a long fight to ensure that the Sept. 28 case is not transferred to an international court.  Diallo was present in the stadium on the day of the massacre along with the rest of the opposition leaders, with the exception of Lansana Kouyate and Alpha Conde, who were conspicuously absent and outside the country. Diallo witnessed both rapes and murders in the stadium. When he gave an interview to Agence France Presse a few days later to get the word out about the massacre, the ruling junta arrested and jailed him.

Shirley Pate, of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, stated that the international community has a major role to play in making sure victims get justice. She urged activists to lobby members of the international community to press for swift prosecutions in the Sept. 28 case and to place human rights and the general welfare of the people of Guinea at the forefront of foreign policy decisions. In addition, she affirmed her organization’s determination to work in solidarity with Pottal-Fii-Bhantal Fouta Djallon to achieve justice for the victims.

In a solemn moment, a partial list of one hundred names of victims of Sept.28 was read aloud. After each name, the victim’s fate was announced. Approximately, 60 people were listed as “disappeared” or “killed, corpse disappeared.” It is well known in Guinea that the ruling junta threw many bodies into the sea, from a helicopter, to avoid the discovery of mass graves.

Guineans and supporters, who gathered in New York this past Friday, were successful in opening the eyes of the world to the plight of victims of the Sept. 28 massacre in Conakry. In addition, their message about Alpha Conde came through loud and clear. He seems to be opposed to just about everything that progressive 21st century leaders stand for in the area of human rights. After all, it was Alpha Conde, during a trip to the US in July 2011 to visit President Obama, who, in an appearance at the National Democratic Institute, answered a question about human rights by saying he was not the “’head’ of human rights in Guinea.” Another panelist from a Washington think tank reprimanded him by saying, “human rights should be at the head of every leader’s list.”

[NOTE: Due to a technical problem, Guinea Oye is not able to include a video of the day’s events. When the problem is fixed, video will be posted.]

Alpha Conde Walked on Dead Bodies to Gain Power – Interview of Opposition Leader, Mouctar Diallo, NFD Party

Mouctar Diallo in a photo taken on the fateful day of September 28, 2009, in the stadium where state-sponsored forces massacred opposition protesters

Below is an article from Guinee58 regarding an interview with opposition leader, Mouctar Diallo. The following is a Google translation with editing by Guinea Oye.

From Guinee58

After the show of force by the opposition in the peaceful demonstration of May 10 and the success of the day of the general strike, now is the war of words between Alpha Conde’s administration, which is short of ideas, and the opposition that is intent on keeping the pressure on Conde’s dictatorship in order to move the lines of political deadlock.

Below are excerpts of an interview that Guinee58 conducted with opposition leader, Mouctar Diallo,of the NFD part., Diallo is anxious to settle accounts with Conde and his party, the RGP-rainbow sky, which accuse the opposition of fomenting a coup.

The opposition is Republican and Democratic

collectif_adp Contrary to the claims of the RPG-rainbow sky, which makes unfounded accusation that the opposition wants to overturn the ruling regime, the former Minister of Education, said “We (the opposition, Ed) plan to seize power by the polls. We are not like RPG that think we should come to power by all means, even while walking on the corpses of Guineans. We are a responsible opposition, the Democratic and Republican. ” Upholding the values of the opposition by the young wolf does not end there. “We, we are republicans, democrats and legalistic” added the youngest of the transition government team.

Conde walked on cadavers to gain power

alpha_conde More than one is surprised at the about face of Alpha Conde, that is to say that he denies to the opposition, that which was graciously given him,when he was on the other bank of the river. First of all, everyone remembers the violence of words that Alpha Conde has worn throughout his many, many years as a member of the opposition. “The Soussou are responsible for the misfortune of Guinea, …” Conde launched tirelessly in the presidential elections of 1998 a few days before his arrest at the border he was trying to flee after attempts to destabilize the country. Conde’s extremist, regionalist and ethnocentric discourse remains vivid in the memories of compatriots. “Every Malinke voting for Conte is a bastard …” he argued in his day long speeches. “Foresters are drinkers of human blood and eat human flesh, …” he said on the set of our colleagues from TV5 Monde on the management of power by junta leader, Dadis Camara. “Supporters of Cellou Dalein Diallo want hegemony of ethnic Fulah …” Conde said in the television studio of Africa24. “My political agenda is anything BUT a rule of this country by the Fulani, …” he chimed in between two rounds of the 2010 presidential elections as well. Alpha Conde is neither more nor less than the founding father of the regionalization of political debate in Guinea.

Beyond these verbal slurs, Alpha Conde was the instigator of physical violence which resulted in casualties. The looting of property, hunting and killing of Fulani in Upper Guinea in between the two rounds of presidential elections will unfortunately be the worst political weapons used by a candidate for the presidency of our country. Several intelligence reports link the military and civilians also as the brain of rebel attacks which Guinea suffered during President Lansana Conte’s rule.

RGP-rainbow, political party violent, aggressive and extremist

arc_en_ciel In his interview, Diallo highlights the character of the RPG-Arc-en-Ciel as violent, aggressive and extremist.” Further, while the RPG denounces demonstrations by the opposition now, it was very active in organizing demonstrations when it was in the opposition in 2010 “When they (RPG officials) say eye for eye, tooth for tooth, they are advocating violence.”

The opposition leader also criticized the irresponsible behavior of the police against families in neighborhoods favorable to the opposition. “Although we have asked our members to observe a day of general strike, the gendarmes and police officers under the instructions of the authorities continue to besiege our activists in parts of the upper suburbs. They go down to the concessions, thus violating the principle of inviolability of homes enshrined in the laws. They do violence by assaulting tenants and brutalizing them, including against old men and women. They even steal their property “reveals the former minister.

Doublespeak of Conde on INEC

ceni The CENI, which continues to pursue its census operations despite a request by the Presidency of the Republic to temporarily stop, Diallo sees a double game of Alpha Conde behind it all. “We heard Mr Lounceny Camara challenge the Head of State on the air by saying that the presidential decision did not commit CENI to do anything. His institution is independent, he says, and that Alpha Conde should have passed by the CENI. Anyway, it’s a challenge to the place of head of state, which is serious in a Republic. According to our information, the Chairman of CENI has taught the different branches of the council throughout the country how to continue operations in the field and not be detected. At this level, there are two problems. Either the CENI is putting the head of state in check or this is a manipulation by Alpha Conde, who said something publicly and officially and then does something else. We know the administration’s strategies. Often, it flashes to the left and then to the right. In our case, we will continue our peaceful protests until the total satisfaction of our key demands, “said Diallo.

Zenab Bangoura, www.guinee58.com , Conakry