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Assessing Risks of State-Led Mass Killing: Guinea is 13th Out of 163 Countries Which Pose Risk

January 22, 2014

Those who follow Guinea will be interested in a post by Jay Ulfelder on his blog, “Dart-Throwing Chimp,” published today and entitled, “A New Statistical Approach to Assessing Risks of State-Led Mass Killing.”
Scroll down to the end of the post to see the dot plot for the data which shows Guinea is 13th out of 163 countries demonstrating such risk.

Here is the opening paragraph of Jay’s post:

Which countries around the world are currently at greatest risk of an onset of state-led mass killing? At the start of the year, I posted results from a wiki survey that asked this question. Now, here in heat-map form are the latest results from a rejiggered statistical process with the same target. You can find a dot plot of these data at the bottom of the post, and the data and code used to generate them are on GitHub.”
Two primary examples of state-led killing of hundreds in Guinea:  January 2007 labor-opposition march (the video is a bit blurry but, trust me, what the video lacks, the audio makes up for) and September 28, 2009 opposition rally.  Videos follows:
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