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New Gov’t. of Guinea: Who’s In, Who’s Out, and Bah Oury’s Thoughts on PM Fofana and More

January 21, 2014

DjinnitSaidMusketeers3LaksarisThese guys (top:  UN special evnoy-Said Djinnit, below l to r; EU rep-Vandamme, French Amb. Cochery and US Ambassador Laskaris), worked very hard to get Guinea to the stage it is today.  First, they succeeded in shoving legislative elections down the throats of Guineans and pretended not to know that the Conde-RPG-CENI machine would  commit massive fraud.  They succeeded in keeping the opposition out of the streets after the election demanding calm and suggesting the use of the Guinean court system to address electoral “irregularities.”   And, today, they say all stages of the transition are “complete.” They have assured  investors that the opposition is tame and the doors to the riches of Guinea are open.  Yet, for all their “involvement” in Guinea, its people are worse off than when they arrived.   Conde’s a lucky guy.  Without this tricky quartet protecting him, he would be out on his ear, or worse.

The following articles have been translated from French into English via Google.  A link to the French versions accompanies each article.

THE COMPOSITION OF THE NEW GUINEAN GOVERNMENT La composition du nouveau gouvernement guinéen
Guinean President Alpha Condé has appointed a new government. Several ministers were renewed and others have made their way into the government to be headed by Prime Minister Mohamed Said Fofana.  Here is the composition of the government ….
1 Minister of State for Mines and Geology, Mr. Kerfalla Yansané previously Minister of Economy and Finance2 Minister of State, Minister of Justice Minister of Justice, Mr. Cheick Sacko, a lawyer practicing in Montpelier, vice bâtonnier International Relations
3 Minister of State, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Guineans abroad, François Fall Lounceny confirmed

4 Minister of State, Minister of Posts, Telecommunications and New Information Technology, Mr. Oye Guilavogui confirmed.5 Minister of State, Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr. Mohamed Diaré previously Minister budget6 Minister of State, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research: Mr. Bailo Diallo Telivel confirmed7 – Minister of Health: doctor Colonel Rémy Lamah, previously CEO of the health services of the Guinean armed forces

8 – Security Minister & Civil Protection El Hajj Madifing Diané confirmed

9 – Minister of Energy and Water: Mr. Idrissa Thiam, former special adviser to Mr. President

10 – Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization: Alassane Conde confirmed.

11 – Agriculture Minister den: Madam Jakeline Sultant previously Executive Director of the National Agency for Agricultural Development and Food Security

12 – Minister of Technical Education and vocational training, employment and labor, government spokesman Mr Albert Damantang Camara, Confirmed.

13 – Minister for Urban and Regional Planning: Ibrahima Bangoura, former Minister of Housing and Construction.

14 – Minister of Civil Service, State Reform and Labour: M Sekou Kourouma, formerly High Commissioner to the state reform and modernization of the administration.

15 – Minister of Transport: Ms. Doré Domani, previously communications consultant

16 – Minister of International Cooperation: Dr. Moustapha Sano Koutoub confirmed

17 – Minister of Communications: Mr. Alhousseny Makanera Kake, adviser at the ministry of territorial administration and decentralization.

18 – Minister of Commerce: Mr. Marck Yombouno previously Minister of Agriculture

19 – Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture: Mr. Moussa Conde confirmed.

20 – Minister of Transport Mr Aliou Diallo, State Inspector General Inspectorate of State for the Presidency of the Republic

21 – Minister of pre-university education and literacy: Dr Ibrahima Kourouma confirmed
22 – Minister of Public Works: Mr. Mohamed Traoré, former CEO of the background road maintenance
23 – Minister of Environment, Forest and Water: Kadiatou Ndiaye, previously, previously CEO ANAIM

24 Minister of Hospitality, Tourism and Handicrafts, Mr. Lounceny Camara confirmed

25 Minister of Livestock and livestock products, Mr. Thierno Ousmane Diallo previously governor of the region of Faranah

26-Minister of Planning, Mr. Sékou Traoré, confirmed

27 Minister of Industry SMEs and promotion of the private sector, Ms. Fatoumata Binta Diallo previously advisor to the prime minister for employment and women’s entrepreneurship.

28 – Minister of Culture and Historical Heritage, Mr. Ahmed Tidiane Cisse confirmed

29 – Minister of Social Welfare Promotion of Women and Children, MadameCamara Sanaba Kaba previously Advisor for missions to the Presidency of the Republic

30 – Minister of Human Rights and Civil Liberties, Mr. Kalifa Gassama Diaby confirmed

31 – Minister of Youth and youth employment, Mr. Moustapha Naite, previously general manager of public heritage buildings

32 – delegate to the National Defence Minister, Mr. Abdoul Camara confirmed Kabele

33 – Minister Delegate for the Budget, Mr. Ansoumae Conde, former national director of public markets

34 – Deputy Minister of Guineans abroad, Mr. Sanoussy Bantama Sow, previously Minister of Youth, Sports and youth employment.

A dispatch from Souaré Mamadou Hassimiou

These great ministers left the government

Ces grands ministres qui quittent le gouvernement.

By a decree read on national radio, President Alpha Condé has reshuffled his government. Some ministers considered hitherto untouchable have paid the price.

Both Papa Koly Kourouma, former Minister of State in charge of Energy and Ousmane Bah, Minister of State in charge of public works and transport had the advantage of being members of the government because they are electoral allies of President Alpha Condé. In addition to these ministers, Minister of State in charge of Justice, met the same fate.

In addition to these ministers of state, it is worth noting those ministers deprived of positions of some importance such as mining Mohamed Lamine, the Guinean Minister of Guineans Living Abroad, Rouguy Barry and Ramatoulaye Bah Ministry of Industry and SMEs .

The political leader Bah Oury responds to Said Fofana’s reinstatement

Le leader politique Bah Oury réagit à la reconduite de Saïd Fofana

2014-01-20 6:51:09 p.m.

“The renewal of Fofana indicates a total lack of consistency of the Head of State of Guinea”

This is a Bah Oury, always faithful to his “straight talk”, gave an exclusive interview to The menu of this head to head: the election of Kondiano to roost, refusal Kouyaté sit in the National Assembly, and other topics such as surprise renewal of Mohamed Said Fofana at the Palais de la Colombe. Number 2 of UFDG set his eyes on all his subjects that make the headlines Guinea.

Interview Guinea has just had a president of the National Assembly. What is your view on the election of Kory Kondiano?

Bah Oury: The election of Mr. Kory Kondiano is in the logic of things. Indeed, with a relative majority in the National Assembly, his election was expected. But a vote of 64 in favor of voting showed that the voice of the parliamentary opposition are worn on the candidate RPG, thus depriving Mrs. Anne Marie Toffany, candidate UFDG valuable voice. This demonstrates the fragility of the unity of the parliamentary opposition.

The versatile nature of some officials also shows the possibility for the presidential party can have a majority variable geometry by using conventional subterfuges such as vote buying, intimidation and isolation of recalcitrant refractory members.

The beginnings of this parliament have not convinced the national opinion, but instead fueled the frustrations and anger that are quite legitimate.
The distribution of posts in the office of the Executive spent the total domination of RPG to the chagrin of the opposition. It was also predictable. Was the UFDG consulted on the choice of Ms. Anne Marie Toffanie as a candidate of the opposition for Assembly president?

Bah Oury: No. How are your relations with President Diallo?

Bah Oury: This is the status quo.

Nouvelledeguinee: What comment do you make the decision of SARP Lansana Kouyaté sulking the National Assembly?

Bah Oury Mr Kouyaté was a dignified and courageous attitude.

Nouvelledeguinee: Sadaakadji Diallo plans to enter politics. Your comments on the new adventure of the wealthy businessman?

Bah Oury: This is a free citizen and has the right to express his views on how the affected country is governed.

As to the form of political engagement, exchange and sharing of experiences seem to me appropriate to avoid the mistakes of the past and especially to be able to pool forces to defeat the power of the bad policies and opposition to to save our country from sinking.

Political commitment to my understanding is not limited only to create a political party. A party is like a shrub need water for years to hope to see grow. Age of maturity requires decades of sacrifices, failures and also successful.

But the political space occupied by political parties is quantitatively cluttered and strong demand for quality human resources is urgent.

In other words, I advocate the sharing of strengths, talents and experiences to make a political quality team emerge able to be truly democratic alternative that the country needs. It is my wish and it is my ambition. Avoid dispersal of forces.

Nouvelledeguinee: In your opinion, what is the balance Rabiatou Sera Diallo and CNT after three years of work?

Bah Oury: The life of the CNT was longer than what was reasonable. In this context two realities faced: spike with some legality and legitimacy of the head of the executive, based on a presidential election. From this point of view the battle was uneven.

Then, the democratic opposition has neglected the CNT and left to itself. All this has led to mixed results of this instance of the transition which is later became “an instrument” to support government action.

The negative assessment of the political, economic and social governance of the Guinean Executive led the NTC also.

Nouvelledeguinee: President Alpha Conde intends to appoint a government “mission” to finally put to work. What do you expect of the future team?

Bah Oury Mr Alpha Condé reinstated Said Fofana as Prime Minister and Head of Government. Mr. Conde villified Fofana’s government last week, yet put Fofana back into this position.

This indicates that there is a total lack of consistency of the Head of State of Guinea. Governance Alpha Condé has shown its limits and no qualitatively positive change can be expected by his act.

In the coming days, the team of ministers is known. I do not expect any significant shift in how the Guinea is governed. The busyness will be even more triumphant than ever.

Democrats and progressive forces must draw all the consequences and therefore take the necessary involvement of all to shorten this dangerous governance for the country’s unity.
We must fight this governance is unable to improve the lives of our compatriots sinking deeper and deeper into poverty and starvation.

Interview by

Mamadou Saliou Diallo,

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