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M. Kouchner, Whatever You’re Getting from Alpha Conde, It’s Not Worth Making a Fool of Yourself Spewing Anti-Opposition Propaganda

January 18, 2014
KOUCHNERCONDEAlpha Conde and Bernard Kouchner (long-time buds)
In an article, Bernard Kouchner, good friend of Alpha Conde, alleges that the opposition paid supporters to hold demonstrations in Guinea with the objective of destabilizing the country.  Kouchner is in Conakry visiting his old school chum, Alpha Conde.  Kouchner must have been in a talking mood.  He speaks on a range of topics and a little on the stream-of-consciousness side.
Open Remarks to Bernard Kouchner
M. Kouchner, Alpha Conde successfully stole both the 2010 presidential election (with your help) and the 2013 legislative elections, and holds a majority in the Assembly. Conde accomplished everything he wanted and everything you wished for him.  So, understand how ridiculous you look accusing the opposition of having paid its supporters to destabilize the country.  If the opposition had financed supporters, there would have been weapons and a better outcome.
When you accuse the opposition in this manner, you open a can of worms.  It is Conde administration officials and RPG loyalists, such as Conakry governor, Sekou “Resco” Camara and, and social security director, Malick Sankhon, who paid Malinke militias and Donzos to commit murderous attacks in opposition neighborhoods over the past three years, including an attack on the home of opposition leader, Cellou Dalein Diallo. When Diallo publicly accused Sankhon of financing such terror, Sankhon accused Diallo of defamation of character, but withdrew his complaint when he realized Diallo had the dirt on him
You huff and puff, but you can’t blow the opposition’s house down, primarily because it is ten times the size of the RPG.  If you recall, Le Canard Enchaine tried something similar, accusing the opposition of fomenting a coup, but the story was based on propaganda supplied by a Conde operative.  Le Canard Enchaine’s reputation was damaged irreparably.
Cheap shots look like cheap shots to everyone and, you, as a former Foreign Minister of France, may know that.  In 2010, you did the worst thing you could do to the opposition and the people of Guinea by delivering Alpha Conde to Sekoutoureya Palace.  No need to pile on.
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