National Assembly Kicks Off Monday, Three Candidates for Prez – Cellou Diallo Not Among Them

Cellou Dalein Diallo, president of the UFDG party of the Republican opposition, bowed out of the race for president of the National Assembly after confirming that fellow opposition leader, Jean Marie Dore, who declared his intention to run for Assembly president a few weeks ago, re-confirmed this weekend that he still intends to pursue the position as an “independent.”.  In an attempt to maintain harmony within the opposition, Diallo asked Ms. Marie-Anne Tofany Fofana, a UFDG Vice-President, to become the opposition’s candidate.

As it stands now, there are three candidates for the Assembly presidency and they are all from the Forest region:  Kory Kondiano – RPG candidate, Jean-Marie Dore – independent candidate, and Mrs. Fofana –candidate of the opposition.
Below is a article translated in English via Google, which provides more background.  If you wish to read the article in French, please click this link: Candidature de l’opposition : comment Dalein a désisté pour Mme Tofanny ?

Stay tuned . . .

Aboubacar Sylla, spokesperson for the opposition, offered the following background today:

“On Sunday morning, the Republican opposition was left to decide the choice of one candidate for the election of the President of the National Assembly. Elhadj Diallo, President UFDG, was chosen by the Republican opposition. I would say that the choice was imposed to be our flagship perch in the National Assembly. accepted this choice in the conditioning unanimously in opposition Regarding his choice. In other words, the president of the UFDG hoped that any Republican opposition, without exception, on his choice to wear our colors in parliament. This is why a Committee was formed consisting of the leaders of the opposition to meet with some political parties who were not present at the meeting this morning to get them to raise their position in relation to this choice and thus share his opinion with respect this application. This committee is made ​​at a political leader (Jean Marie Dore, leader of the Union for the Progress of Guinea), who had already expressed his wish to be a candidate for the election of the President of National Assembly and despite the many arguments that have been advanced by the emissaries, this political leader would not retract and agree to adhere to the collegiate position of the Republican opposition. Given the fact that his choice did not unanimously by all political parties of the Republican opposition, President UFDG decided not to run for the election of the Speaker of the National Assembly. Instead, the opposition elected a member of the UFDG, namely, the Vice-President Mrs. Tofanny, who will be the candidate of the Republican opposition to the election of the President of the National Assembly. leader of UGG s ‘is already declared candidate for weeks in this position. We hoped his support for the consensus decision, but for reasons of its own, the leader of the UPG thought he should keep his candidacy. So President UFDG who fought many years for cohesion and unity of the opposition could therefore not accept this choice focused on the person as this choice may present the picture of a disunited opposition. C ‘ so he decided not to attend. As we know, Jean Marie Dore is the only opposition leader who has declared his intention to run. No other leader has expressed in any case obliquely that desire. So, Jean Marie Dore maintains his candidacy, and the rest of the opposition has decided to that of Marie-Anne Tofanny, Vice President UFDG.”


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