UFDG’s Diallo Gathers Party Members to Say “We Need a New Strategy — It’s Probably Not Walking (Marching)” [Audio en FR, Article in FR-EN)

Below is an audio of Cellou’s remarks to party members featuring pics from the gathering.  Following this, is a link to the article in French from Guineenews.  After that, you will find the article translated into English via Google.
COMMENT:  If the opposition doesn’t stay in the streets, it will become virtually invisible.  Hundreds of thousands of people marching is a tangible act.  It sends the message that they reject Conde and his government.  And, even more importantly, it demonstrates that this is the opinion of the overwhelming majority of the population, a truth Conde has been trying to cover up for a long time.
Diallo, by taking “walking” off the table, is getting prepared to announce that the UFDG will seat its delegates in the National Assembly.  Sounds like some of this “new strategy” is already decided and comes straight from Said Djinnit’s playbook.
Yes, the opposition needs a new, multi-faceted strategy, but it should be the party’s youth who get the assignment to scope it out.
Stay tuned . . . 

Meeting UFDG: Diallo pours his anger on Alpha Condé

This is a Diallo, visibly angry, who harangued his massively mobilized Saturday at its headquarters in the suburb of Conakry Mining militants. In twenty minutes, the leader of the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG), has called for unity to stop the dictatorship in Guinea Has there been on site.

After a minute of silence in memory of two victims of the security forces, the former Prime Minister said indiscretions. “We are told that Alpha Condé has spent thirty million dollars for 99 MPs. He wanted 99 members but thanks to your commitment, he had only 53 members, it is his vision. “

Later, the leader of the UFDG pounds. “We mourn, we lost two of our young people killed for no reason by the police. We are, I believe, 53 th or 54 th young shot by police and gendarmes Guinea with the blessing Alpha Condé. I know you’re frustrated, too, just like the men who love peace and justice. Why so much hatred, so many crimes directed against militants UFDG Why, since until now Zakariaou no serious investigation has been opened translate sponsors and perpetrators to court It is simply because Alpha Condé and his government hate us. They do not want us in Guinea. Otherwise, any other country in the world where we have killed as much, and so arbitrary as a policeman or a gendarme at least, would have been brought before the courts to answer for the crimes. But they will never be arrested because they execute instructions and they know that their impunity is guaranteed. What do we do now? There is still time to think about strategies. past three years, we are fighting for the establishment of democracy, the rule of law and justice in Guinea, and the country that back in terms of human rights, democracy and national reconciliation. should find the best strategy. There are times when one must stop and think, work with the mind. True, today we have a heavy heart, but it should not continue, what to do? Take time for reflection, it is perhaps not walking. What should we do? Because we can not condone the killings. innocents.qui Most are not protesting. As young Bailo Barry, who was beside her telecentre, when the ball of forces pierced his heart, he died on the spot. Why so much hatred, violence against UFDG? 54 dead in two years. Since April 2011, many were killed, not in their streets but in their family. It often tells us to stop marches and dead cities, but Will it give up our right? We have always responded to question rather forces. But it is hatred and desire to destroy UFDG, intimidating its activists discouraged. Because it is the largest political force that now stands against the dictatorship in Guinea. They know that if UFDG is defeated, there is more resistance. And they use all means not only death and intimidation, but the division and the intoxication of youth, we must disapprove. Today, we are the bulwark, the only force that resists against the dictatorship in Guinea. They will do everything to divide us because they are afraid of UFDG. UFDG If he was not there, Alpha Conde have finished installing his dictatorship. Today they decided to divide us, create clans, clans Bah Oury, Cellou Dalein clans, clans Sadakkadji. All this is to divide us because we are the only bulwark. must refuse. If Guinea is spared some things today, it is because there is UFDG, youth is standing. Nevertheless, they hate us, they do not like us but we are respected. When we say No, No . So reject the division. Guinea has on us. Without UFDG, no justice, no democracy. Instead, it is the exclusion and hatred. They are afraid of us, we are a rampart. They killed us, imprisoned, intimidated, beaten and abused. Nowadays, they use the weapon of division because if UFDG is united, Alpha Condé will not go far. If you are divided, you fun Alpha Condé. They fear our unity and our determination and our commitment. Please, we must reject the division. We fought for three years. They say that investors are left because we put the children in the streets. Yet there is no power or water, is misery in homes. Guinea’s people are counting on us. We have no right to disappoint, nor demolish this formidable force that constitutes the unit UFDG. They tried everything, done everything, but we remained united. debauched Saliou Bela They killed fifty young, Bah Oury pushed into exile, while this to discourage us, but we resisted. Today, they want to divide us. should not accept the division. This is the unit that prevents UFDG Alpha Condé sleep. If you break if you break this unit, if you accept that introduce corruption, money and the creation of common X or Y to split UFDG, Guinea will fall to the lowest, and there will be no democracy. So we will lead the reflection to see the right strategy. But beforehand, it is the unity of the UFDG. Do not ruin this formidable and admirable unity that the world respects and fears that Alpha Condé. When we say, we do. We had fear anyone. We received tear gas, bullets, batons. We were imprisoned, tried and convicted. What have we not been in Guinea? Do not that outsiders say we were afraid. We have not been afraid but we fought. All this is the weapon of division. We were always together. I always been at the forefront when it comes to events. They came to attack me at home. This is you young Bambeto who have come to the rescue. prevented You hooligans and police returned in the courtyard, while tear gas rained down in my yard. You exposed your lives, you have prevented the police from entering the family. We all suffered together. should not accept being told we are not courageous. continue the fight, trust management UFDG, we will not back down. But each situation requires reflection. must work with the heart, of course, but with the mind too. “


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