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Guinea Opposition Postpones Decision on Whether to Seat Their Delegates Until Tomorrow, But Unveils Plans for a “Dead City” Day – 11-25, and Decides to Challenge UN in Letter to Sec-Gen Ban ki-moon

November 20, 2013
Africaguinee is reporting that the opposition asks supporters and sympathizers to observe a “ville morte” on November 25.  A “dead city day” is when shops are asked to close, people are asked to stay home and no traffic on the streets.  This is not a call for a demonstration, but might evolve into one.  Generally, over the last few years, dead city days have not been particularly successful.  The opposition best shows its strength and determination to persevere when several thousand supporters are in the streets.

In addition, the opposition has determined that it will challenge the UN, presumably for turning a blind eye to every lousy thing the government and the CENI did to steal the legislative election of September 28, and is formulating a letter to Secretary-General Ban ki-moon.
Still no decision on whether to seat its delegates or boycott the national assembly altogether.  The opposition says it needs more time to consider options, but hopes to have a decision by tomorrow.
Stay tuned . . .
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  1. November 20, 2013 7:12 PM

    The UN’s peace before democracy mantra is being applied in guinea systematically.Remember the 28 September massacres,the UN deemed the country too fragile to carry on with the investigations and prosecution of the perpetrators.That task was left to the Guinean government. Conde was never going to go after the guys that handed him power on a plate.Guinea is at a quagmire because of the UN’s cowardice.Taking their case to the UN is repeating the same merry-go-round dance as in 2010.Ban ki moon knows quite well what is happening in guinea.The Opposition,especially the UFDG better act fast before it is too late. Conde’s diabolical plan to unite all other etnicities against the Fulani is a step away from being realized.Once that goal is reached all hell will break loose
    On another note;creating a dead city isn’t going to work.The government will simply bribe or incentivise part of the city to go about things as usual.Opposition stronghold’s in Conakry should be turned into TAHRIR SQUARE’S.After all the opposition won most of Conakry.

    • November 21, 2013 10:06 AM

      Yes, the UN is a treacherous organization. Said Djinnit, the UN’s Special Rep of the Sec-General to West Africa, who was chosen to “referee” government-opposition talks, is perhaps THE one international official who knows Conde like a book. He knows that Conde wasn’t elected to anything in Guinea, yet with a huge shovel, he forced this farce of an election down the opposition’s throat. Of course, the opposition swallowed much of it. Problem is that the opposition has no hope of moving the country forward if it continues to play nice. Tough talk and action is required (has been required for a long time) and, yes, it is going to lead to horrible bloodshed, but this fight is not about Cellou, Sidya, and Kouyate, it’s about FUTURE generations.

      Sekouba Konate called Cellou after the 2010 presidential election to tell him NOT to contest results, because he had several militias located throughout Conakry, itching to begin a bloodbath. When someone like Konate, who was the field marshal for all of the violence during the 2010 election campaign, it is wise to believe him when he makes these kind of threats. The opposition was in no position to tangle militarily with the government in 2010, but that experience should have been the catalyst for the opposition to fund and train rebel forces outside the country. Finally, a big part of the opposition strategy is to keep the international community guessing — the goal must be to shock and scare the beejeebers out of Djinnit et al.

      The “dead city” is a dead idea. As for seating of delegates, the opposition knew pretty much what the Supreme Court was going to do all along. The day after the SC announcement, the opposition should have announced who was and who was not going to serve in the assembly. Putting it off until now, makes it look like they are bargaining with themselves. In the end, if Cellou doesn’t seat his delegates, the rest of the opposition will be ineffective in the assembly.

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