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VIDEO (FR): Bah Oury Speaks About Election, Guinea, the UFDG and More – Paris, November 16, 2013

November 18, 2013
For those not familiar with Bah Oury, he is the Vice-President of the UFDG opposition party.  In July 2011, Alpha Conde, seeking an excuse to round up and arrest his enemies, largely Peuls, organized a fake attack on his home.  Several people were arrested.  Conde fingered Bah Oury as being the mastermind of the attack.
Immediately thereafter, Bah Oury got word that the military was heading to his home to kill him.  He barely escaped with his life, but was able to flee the country subsequently.  It is now over two years that he has lived in France in exile.  In the video, further below, Bah Oury shares his thoughts on a range of topics.  It is 42 minutes long.
[NOTE: If you have never seen a Kangaroo Court in action, check out the trial video footage about the fake attack. Start at the 43:30 minute mark.  Prosecutor, William Fernandez, obviously off his medication and slipping into a psychotic episode, harangues military commandant, Alpha Oumar Diallo or AOB, who was framed and now spending his life in prison.]
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  1. November 18, 2013 2:59 PM

    This is the guy who should have been the UFDG candidate.He has cojones..Celou is too pacifist for my taste.UFDG supporters have been on the receiving end of state violence for the past three years and all celou has been doing is talk,talk and talk to no avail.Am afraid his moniker of Neville Chamberlain is absolutely right.He is a totally grovelling appeaser.Had Oury been at the helm,Conde would be out of power by now.Conde is absolutely terrified of Oury Bah.He orchestrated that FAKE coup with the intention of getting rid of Oury Bah,a plan which failed spectacularly.Oury Bah had long warned Guineans that Conde is a sleazeball and unfit for office.They failed to heed his warning and are now pay the price.

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