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Guinea Police Shoot Dead Teen Protester-Age 15 and Wound at Least Two

November 17, 2013
It appears that Alpha Conde’s standing shoot-to-kill order given to his security forces worked in at least one instance, today.  A relative said the cop drew his gun, aimed, and then shot Abdoul Aziz Balde in the buttocks which suggests there is a 95% chance the cop was shooting him from behind.
Guinea’s first post-election martyr.  May he rest in peace.

Conakry (AFP) – Police in Guinea shot dead a teenager during a violent protest over an alleged attempt to kidnap a radio journalist on Sunday, his family said.

Abdoul Aziz Balde, 15, was “mortally wounded by a bullet fired by a police officer” as security forces and protesters clashed in the capital Conakry, a family member said.

“The policeman aimed at him before shooting him with live ammunition and a bullet hit him in his behind,” the relative said on condition of anonymity, adding that Balde began to bleed profusely and was declared dead after being rushed to hospital in a coma.

The demonstration erupted after private broadcaster Planet FM reported that armed men had come to the radio station looking to kidnap director and journalist Mandian Sidibe, witnesses said.

A mob of listeners then launched a search for the armed men, which turned into a protest as demonstrators put up barricades in several neighbourhoods of Conakry.

Police tried to disperse protesters with tear gas but the crowd responded by throwing stones and other projectiles that wounded three policeman.

Police then fired live ammunition, hitting at least two protesters, who were admitted to a clinic in southern Conakry with gunshot wounds, according to a doctor.

Other medical and security sources said at least 11 people were wounded in total, five by live ammunition.

A journalist at Planet FM confirmed that armed men had visited the station looking for Sidibe.

“Armed men in plain clothes arrived at the station and asked to meet the director and journalist Mandian Sidibe,” the source told AFP on condition of anonymity, saying the men had come to kidnap Sidibe but were not allowed access to him.

Protests are common and often violent in Conakry, which remains tense following a Supreme Court decision on Friday to hand the west African nation’s widely contested September election to the ruling party.

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  1. November 18, 2013 7:19 AM

    Another teenage life cut short.How long will this continue.The killing of the FULANI is so common in guinea nowadays its almost not worth reporting.Alpha conde has succeeded in turning his Machiavellian plan of poisoning the relationship of the Fulani with other ethnic groups.His political mantra of ‘US’ against ‘FOUTA DJALLON’ seems to be working.The opposition’s suggestion of taking their case to ECOWAS is laughable.ECOWAS is corrupt and rotten to the core.Almost 90 percent of it leaders would’t know what a free and fair election means even if it hits them on the head with a sledge hammer.I don’t know how taking your case to leaders like JAMMEH,CAMPAORE,EYADEMA to name but a few, is going to help.Leaders like these are not known for their human rights credentials.The opposition should instead take to the streets in their millions,conde is not going to shoot a million people.NO schools,NO transportation and NO shops should open until this excuse for a government is toppled.

    • November 18, 2013 10:45 AM

      I agree with what you say. I double agree with not bothering to take the issue to ECOWAS, especially with Compaore — he’s a snake.

      Thanks for writing.


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