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Election Update: Supreme Court Plunged into Darkness Due to Temporary Power Outage and, as of 9PM, the Opposition is a No-Show at the Court

November 15, 2013

Guineasupctcops2010A Flash from the Past:  2010 Presidential Election – Security Forces Guard Door While Supreme Court Justices Labor Over How Best to Make It Look Like Alpha Conde Won reported this evening that around 7PM, there was a loss of power at the Supreme Court, leaving the justices temporarily in the dark.  Most likely, many stories will flow about what or who caused it and if the outage made a difference in the final results!  Guinea Oye promises to bring you the best ones.

And, is reporting tonight that, as of 9PM in Conakry, members of the opposition were not present at the Supreme Court.  According to Africaguinee, opposition attendance is not mandatory and their attorneys can represent them.  

Right now it is about 10:30 PM in Conakry.  Guinea will continue to provide updates.
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