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Are RPG Loyalty Oaths Next? Local Officials Aligned with Opposition are Being Punished for Not Supporting the RPG Arc-en-Ciel

November 15, 2013
Alpha Conde and his government officials commonly treat members of the opposition like enemies of the state.  Let’s not forget about Cellou Dalein Diallo’s arrival at the airport in the Spring of 2011 after a long period out of the country when Conde sent the military to “break up” the huge crowd of his supporters who gathered to receive him. Many were injured and at least two opposition supporters were killed.  This demonstrates what happens when a head of state enters office without the mandate from the majority — any gathering by the opposition proves that the guy in office did not win the election.  This is also why the government must stop any opposition protest after the election results are announced — the huge numbers will reveal that Conde has now stolen his second election in three years.
Alpha Conde and other RPG “luminaries” have stated publicly that the results of the election must be accepted by all.  Sekou “Resco” Camara, Governor of Conakry, during a presentation at an Art and Trade school a few weeks ago that having Alpha Conde as “president” is “God’s doing.” He also warned the largely youthful audience that they should not gather in the streets with the opposition, because they will be met with the full force of the law.
As a result, it should not be a surprise that the RPG is demanding from those within the country’s administrative network of officials that those not politically aligned with Conde-RPG are being punished.  See a letter further below from the opposition to Guinea PM Fofana informing him that punishment for one’s political views is prohibited by the constitution.
The issue of citizen loyalty was thrust into the spotlight in the United States by a lone senator in the 1950’s.Senator Joseph McCarthy, from Wisconsin, figured that he could make substantial political hay by leading a witch hunt against “perceived” communists and their sympathizers.  He was obsessed with weeding out commies from every facet of American life with the federal government and Hollywood providing the most fertile grounds.
In a public speech in West Virginia in February, 1950, McCarthy claimed he had a list of Communist Party members and names of those in a spy ring, all of whom were employed at the State Department (McCarthy also investigated the Voice of America, the US Army, etc.).  But, it was not until April 1954 that, through his congressional power of subpoena, he scheduled hearings where he paraded Government officials and Hollywood directors, writers, and actors before live television cameras to berate them and accuse them of being disloyal to the country.  Television was in its infancy at this time, but the drama provided by McCarthy and his “suspects” was better than anything Hollywood might have created.  The country was riveted by the “red scare” McCarthy revealed. It was these hearings, perhaps more than anything else, that made Americans recognize the Cold War and that “disloyal” statements were highly suspicious and potentially worth reporting to authorities.
What came out of all this is that McCarthy was an egocentric crackpot who made up evidence against his “suspects.”  He became discredited for unprofessional conduct of his hearings and concerns over his mental state. The Senate took a rare move and censured him. The McCarthy hearings lasted only three months, but it was more than enough to ruin the careers of several government officials and to blacklist for life some of the country’s brightest and most talented Hollywood figures.
Demanding loyalty to the RPG is a dangerous step.
Below is a short video of a McCarthy hearing.  Rarely did anyone ever talk back to Sen. McCarthy,  but Joseph Welch, head counsel for the US Army, had had enough and said,  “Have you no sense of decency?”


Translated to English via Google.  Click link below for French version

The Guinean opposition sent a letter to Prime Minister Mohamed Said Fofana: “We take this opportunity to ask you to call your services to the provisions of Article 26 of our constitution

Published on Thursday, November 14, 2013 6:57 p.m.
Written by Barrie K

which enshrines the principle of neutrality of the public service and therefore prohibits any confusion between the exercise of a public function and practice of political activity “

Mr. Prime Minister,

We would like to draw your attention to arbitrary sanctions by certain local administrative authorities to managers in service to the country on the grounds that they have not effectively supported the RPG arc-en-ciel in parliamentary elections September 28, 2013.

To illustrate these abuses taking a scale of growing, we do hold, attached is a list of administrators and politicians considered activists and opposition supporters and recently hit measures revocations or assignments in remote areas of their current place of function.

We take this opportunity to ask you to call your service in compliance with article 26 of our constitution which enshrines the principle of neutrality of the public service and therefore prohibits any confusion between the exercise of a function public and the practice of political activity.

We remind you that the state of advanced degeneration of our government and its inability to effectively play its role in motor and regulator of economic and social development is mainly due to such practices that favor more political affinities that objective criteria competence in the selection and appointment of cadres.

As a result of the above, please kindly, in a spirit of justice, to cancel the allocation of these officials, restore these local officials in their function and ensuring that either put an end to this type of term sanctions unjustified and anachronistic is likely to serve the sustainable development of our countries and the consolidation of national cohesion.


1. In Kankan:

– Mr Luncény KABA, Unique Number 238535E Federal Secretary of Youth SARP, assigned to Tougué; 
– Mr Antoine DOBO, Unique Number 144146V Federal Secretary UFDG assigned Lélouma; 
– Mr Souleymane Béavogui, Unique Number 194728F member of the Federal Bureau of SARP, assigned to Gaoual.

2. A Dabola:

The Sub-Prefect of Bissikirima, by radio broadcast on October 25, 2013 statement of their duties the following local officials:

– Mr Abdul Thierno Barry, President District Sampolia; 
– Bassy Amadou Sow, Chairman of the District Hamdallaye; 
– El Hadj Abdoulaye Barry, Vice President District Kolon; 
– Mr Ibrahima Diallo, Head of sector Noumoussoulou; 
– Mr Mamadou Alpha Diallo, Head of sector II Loppé 
– Bagou Oumou Camara, Head area. 

3. A Faranah:

– Mr Thierno Barry Sanoussy, Club number 238554S, Secretary UFDG Section marela is assigned to Tiro

PS This list is far from exhaustive. It will be completed gradually as information on similar cases will be specified.

The Republican opposition

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