On the Eve of Supreme Court Announcement of Election Results, Opposition Asks Supporters to Be at the Ready in Case Street Protests are Called


[The French version can be found at guineenews.org.  Below is the article translated into English by Google, with editing by Guinea Oye.]

Shortly after his return from Dakar, the leader of the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG) Diallo, went to Ratoma, a suburb of Conakry, on Thursday to thank its base. Taking advantage of this meeting, he also asked his supporters to stand ready in case the opposition would give instructions for street protests after the publication of the final results of the legislative by the Supreme Court of Guinea.

In the presence of allies, includingMouctar Diallo of the New Democratic Forces (NFD) and new members, including the Ratoma Elhadj Aliou Mamadou Bah, the youth leader has made it clear that Friday will be a decisive day. In his leader, he was asked to keep his speech. Young, he told them to remain “united, welded”.

In his speech, Diallo praised his supporters for both the mobilization and participation in the last elections and that, despite all the difficulties encountered. “The victory of Ratoma is not a surprise though Mr. Alpha Condé has tried everything.”

Speaking of publication of the final results of the legislative, Diallo electrifies the crowd. “I see, everyone here would like to know what would be done tomorrow,” he started the cheers.

Moreover, Diallo has asked his supporters to be ready. “I ask you to stay tuned for the party leadership, trust us. Opposition will have a meeting at noon Saturday UFDG after the announcement of final results, we will discuss the results and make a decision. Until then, stay ready and mobilized. “

Later, the leader of the UFDG warned his supporters that his party does not fight for the presidency of the National Assembly, but the President of the Republic in 2015, he insisted.


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