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Guineenews: Bah Oury “Cellou and I do not have the same vision, we do not have the same political orientation” (FR-EN)

November 4, 2013
This is a Guineenews interview with Bah Oury, Executive Vice-President of the UFDG. After Alpha Conde attempted to frame Bah Oury as the mastermind of a “fake” attack on Conde’s home on July 18-19, 2011, Bah Oury received word that military soldiers were on their way to kill him.  He was forced to flee Guinea and unable to return for fear of his life.  He lives in exile in France.

The following link will take you to the French version.  The English translation was created via Google and appears further below

Exclusif – Bah Oury : « Cellou et moi n’avons pas la même vision des choses, nous n’avons pas la même orientation politique »


Exclusive – Bah Oury “Cellou and I do not have the same vision, we do not have the same political orientation”

Invited to Amsterdam in the Netherlands by the movement justice Oury Bah in order to facilitate a debate on human rights in Guinea, the first vice-president of the UFDG, has spent much of the evening answer questions about the rather strained relationships with the current leader of the second political force, Cellou Dallein Diallo. Activists UFDG seem not to understand why their positions between president and vice president are slow to bring the unity of their party. Ultimately, Oury Bah assured the activists UFDG he is ready to do its best to sit at the round table with Dallein Cellou Diallo, chat with him and then again on new bases with a roadmap. At the end of the discussion, he answered questions from Guineenews ©. Read!

© Guineenews: Mr. Oury Bah, you’re the first vice president of the UFDG. You are here in the Netherlands at the invitation of Justice Movement Bah Oury. Can we know the objectives of your visit to Holland?

Bah Oury: There are two things. First, meet the Guinean community living here, since this is the first time I’m in Amsterdam. And as you you realized the discussion was fruitful, friendly and honest with representatives of the Guinean community. Secondly, it is to meet with officials of the International Criminal Court to discuss the evolution of the situation of human rights in Guinea since the arrival of Mr. Alpha Condé to power. Trying to link the massacres that took place on 28 September 2009 and then continued the same policy during the last three years with Zogota massacres, slaughters in Forest Guinea, 14, 15 and 16 July and also with the elimination of fifty activists UFDG in peaceful protests that took place during the presidency of Mr. Alpha Condé.

© Guineenews: This afternoon (Sunday, November 3, note) you have facilitated a debate on Human Rights, is what you feel as a victim of injustice? If so by whom and why?

Bah Oury: Please ask me. I’m a fighter for democracy and freedom. So I know the sacrifice that must be paid for all those who engage resolutely in this fight. I personally do not consider myself a victim because I’m an actor, I’m a fighter and I know that there are sacrifices and sometimes the ultimate militants or combatants who are fighting for democracy and freedom sacrifices pay. I currently live in exile painfully, I understand and I assume, it does not make me regret what I’m doing, instead it reinforces my position and my commitment to fight for the advent real democracy in Guinea. This fight, I am engaged me in a long time.

© Guineenews: What are the legal means you have to repair this injustice?

Bah Oury: As I said, I’m a fighter. I work for democratic change in Guinea, a real democratic change. My strength and energy are directed in this fight. Means that I use, it is the legal means, the awareness and bring people to realize to take its destiny in its hands to demand real change, even that it brings the departure of Mr. Alpha Condé.

Speaking of human rights, as was the subject of the debate you just animate. Recently thirty youths were arrested in Conakry and taken to a camp in the country. These young people have testified after their release they have suffered all kinds of torture and humiliation. In fact one of them did not survive. What do you comment on that?

As soon as I learned this with those in the country, we organized to inform the international public opinion that there are atrocities that are being committed against thirty young. I am pleased that the combined efforts between grassroots activists and those who are outside helped alert international opinion. All this shows the need for Guineans feel more challenged by the question of human rights in 50 years because this country live in appalling abuses on the part of leaders in place. And all this, I relaterai at the International Criminal Court.

© Guineenews: In government led by Mohamed Said Fofana, there is a Minister of Human Rights. The minister made ​​regular statements when Human Rights are violated. What credit do you give to this person?

Bah Oury: Diaby Gassama I know, I know he has worked personally to release a number of people. At this level, I am grateful. But the policy of Mr. Alpha Condé, this is a policy that is against Human Rights. Ultimately, the Department of Human Rights is an alibi. Recently, the limits that were drawn were evident because he has made ​​it clear it was either now or leave it. I think Mr. Gassama Diaby must conclude, he will accept to be an alibi department or accept he go in the direction of its ultimate beliefs, that is to say, to actually fight Human Rights. Currently, national and international opinion looks. I wish him a lot of courage, but refuse to be used as an excuse to fool the international opinion that there is a concern for human rights in Guinea when we know full well that the governance of Mr. Alpha Conde is governance that is consistently against Human Rights, which favors the use of excessive violence against people and has to his credit fifty people killed. Besides the desire to silence the Guinean population through arrests and Bilo Mamadou Sy Savane and Abdoulaye Sy Savane.

© Guineenews: During discussion, you said there was a risk of popular uprising in Guinea in the image of that of 2007, did you receive any signals?

Oury Bah: I think and I feel that the Guinean population is tired of the governance of Mr. Alpha Condé. All ethnic groups and in all regions of the country, this frustration vis-à-vis governance Alpha Condé has reached its peak and social misery becomes greater. Young women and young people have lost hope. From this point of view, any Guinean society is blocked. The elections will not solve anything. That is to say that the objective conditions for a popular uprising are already in place. Now it is up to civil society, social actors and political actors to seize, to prepare it for this time when popular anger will sweep the streets, it goes through to allow the emergence of a truly democratic governance in Guinea.

© Guineenews: Mr. Oury Bah, you’re the first vice president of the UFDG is that you always assume this responsibility?

Oury Bah, I am the founder of the UFDG. I am the Senior Vice President invested by Congress. I assume, I claim, I fight and I’m going in this direction. The UFDG part of myself even though some want to rob me, they are wasting their time. Everyone knows that we fought more than 20 years to give UFDG consistency. What people have died in the name of UFDG to call UFDG can only lead Bah Oury, founder of UFDG to be more in tune with the UFDG for its democratic vocation and commitments original is maintained.

© Guineenews: Is your relationship with the president of your party, Cellou Dallein Diallo has improved lately?

Bah Oury: As I said during the debate, personal relationships are not so important. It is the political relationships that are important. Compared to that, I am sorry to say, we do not have the same vision, we do not have the same political orientation. It is a reality. Personally I believe that the struggle for democracy through real commitments to a profound transformation of governance. But political actions that reinforce the current governance only delay the country, bringing the Guinean society to the impasse. With this, it is the future that is clogged for youth. And I want my country forward, I want Guinean society moves but current policies are only reinforce stagnation and immobility.

© Guineenews: Is UFDG not a problem as soon as its president and vice-president does not have the same political vision?

Bah Oury: There are two political lines within the UFGD. It is a reality. This means that UFDG must accept and adapt his life in this democratic struggle internally which there is no monolithic. I am fighting for the UFDG either measure in it to hold together two divergent political lines over some key issues in upholding the democratic functioning of the party knowing that there is a common belonging to the same party . Me, this is how I understand the political action and partisan action in UFDG. But unfortunately, it’s not everyone who has the same democratic culture. There are people who say they are the leaders and all those who do not agree with them are against them while in a party, it’s not like that. You can be in the same party, at times disagree with reports to certain ideas. This does not mean however that we are enemies or that one must leave the benefit of the other if the democratic principles of functioning of the party are respected.

© Guineenews: If the positions do not move and political relations with the president of the party as you have called remained in the current state, what strategy will you adopt?

Bah Oury: You know there are other players. Nothing is static. There are actors who are activists who question, who ask questions, who see the impasse in which they are now and want out. And from this point of view, it forces everyone to move and go in the direction consistent with the best interests of the party and Guinea. Those who do not move in this direction is doomed to be full shift with a historical evolution, a natural evolution of the UFDG.

© Guineenews: Is that you are viewed today by the national political office in your party when it comes to making important decisions on matters related to the national news?

Bah Oury: They do not consult me, they act as if I do not exist. That’s why I said they do not respect the structures, they do not respect the democratic functioning of the party, they do not respect the constitution, they do not respect the legitimacy conferred first vice president by Congress in August 2009. All that are violations of statutes, violations of operating rules and it reminds the operation anachronistic dictatorships. I am against the dictatorship in the state as I am against a dictatorship within the party. And this proves the consistency of my struggle for democracy, for freedom and for human rights.

© Guineenews: Another topic, finally there was the election, is that we can say that you were right to oppose the participation of your party in these elections?

Bah Oury: Already some will rejoice saying UFDG has 36 or 37 members as if the purpose was to have a few members. While these members in a meeting where they will be a minority can not influence the will of the executive to impose its dynamic power to impose its orientation. What is even more serious, not go into the details, it’s legitimate, it validates the electoral register that Waymark has already set up and it prepares fraud in the presidential elections of 2015 where Mr. Alpha Condé could validly use its result of the national legislative list proportional to say he won the first round of presidential elections. This means that the future of democracy is sacrificed and it will certainly create serious problems in Guinea.

© Guineenews: Is that the policy of the empty chair would not have adverse effects on your party?

Bah Oury: There are two ways of looking at things. Participating legitimacy is conferred elections. Legitimacy to power up it gives and it gives him the opportunity to trumpet a little around the world that is democratic power that comes from the ballot box. While we know that there was the death of our activists, there were rapes the constitution, not the rules of the electoral code. There was an electoral register is unconstitutional. The valid entry process. Tomorrow it will be difficult to say you’re against it. I say I’m not in, I reject this electoral register because it is an election file that prepares a political bomb against Guinea.

© Guineenews: Now the opposition has filed appeals at the Supreme Court, there there is a possibility that the results given by INEC change in favor of the opposition?

Bah Oury: As we do not yet have the verdict of the Supreme Court, I have no comment. Say like the other “wait and see”.

© Guineenews: One last question, you are very bitter vis-à-vis the regime of Mr. Alpha Condé, is there a point on what you agree with him?

Bah Oury: There are essential things that if we are in disagreement with the bulk, we can not be in agreement with respect to the peripheral aspects. The issue of human rights, the issue of democratic governance, the issue of compliance with the law, the excessive use of violence, the security dynamic that threatens the country, beyond that, I do can not see an area where I can get the hat to Mr. Alpha Condé because I see that he is preparing a disastrous future for Guinea. Mining governance, it is catastrophic. It is now “congoliser” in Guinea. If everything continues like that in 5 years, in 10 years it will be civil war like in the DRC. But let Guineans realize the danger in which the governance of Mr. Alpha Condé leads and will lead the Guinea if we do not stop now.

Interview by Tanou Diallo.

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