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Opposition Statement: Marches Suspended, Election Issues to Go Through Courts, and Possible “Partial” Invalidation (EN-FR)

October 30, 2013

When you can bring out a crowd like this, you are in the majority. 

Guinea Oye will be back soon to provide commentary about this odd political development.

Below is a link to the French version of the Opposition Statement.  Following that is the English version translated by Google.

Législatives : l’opposition sursoit les manifestations de rues

This is the main decision that came out of the conclave of politicians gathered at the leader of the opposition Cellou Dalein Diallo. After the constant threats of the opposition occupy the streets as a protest against electoral masquerade organized by INEC for the presidential party, the opposition leaders have finally resolved to resort to legal means. Read this statement.

For the sake of appeasement and to respond favorably to requests from civil society and the different calls by the international community, the Republican opposition has decided to postpone any public event and use the remedies provided by the Election Code to enforce its requirements for transparency of the legislative elections of 28 September 2013.

The members of the opposition parties involved in this election actually introduced within the statutory period and the required forms, their appeals to the Supreme Court to demand the cancellation and alternative partial invalidation of the elections because massive fraud.

The Supreme Court has the constitutional authority to settle electoral disputes is to decide independently on the basis of the law, disputes submitted to arbitration.

The Republican opposition reminded the President and judges of the Supreme Court that the Republican institution to which they have the privilege of belonging is subject only to the authority of the law and has the obligation to avoid any influence and reject any allegiance to the executive power, not to mention the law.

The Republican opposition hopes that the Supreme Court fully appreciates the issues of peace and social cohesion of its current mission to contribute to the results of the elections are actually consistent with the will of the people of Guinea to the future parliament and is a reflection of the votes actually cast by the electors.

The Republican opposition invites its members and supporters and all Guinean citizens who love freedom and democracy to listen to it and remain highly mobilized for their rights.


Conakry, 30/10/2013

The Republican opposition


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