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Guinea Election Update 10-25: The Next Two Weeks

October 25, 2013
Guinea Oye apologizes for being out of pocket over the last several days. Here is a short update that should give you an idea of what to expect over the next two weeks concerning the Supreme Court review of and decision on the September 28 legislative elections.  

The CENI submitted the provisional numbers from the legislative election to the Supreme Court last Sunday. Political parties wishing to challenge any aspect of the election — CENI mismanagement, omission of data, and fraud — have a five day window to make its submissions to the Supreme Court.  The window opened at midnight, Monday, October 21 and closes midnite, Monday, October 28.  By Tuesday, October 29, it is conceivable that the Supreme Court could begin deliberations.  A representative of the Court stated recently that deliberations should be complete by November 11 and their decision would follow.
Both the opposition and the RPG arc-en-ciel have declared their intentions to make such filings with the Court.  Unfortunately, some of the opposition political parties are having difficulty obtaining the detailed information required by the Court to fully substantiate their claims in their submissions.  The problem centers on the CENI which has refused, thus far, to post on its website the “minutes” from voting stations.  Prior to submitting the provisional numbers to the Supreme Court, the EU Observer Mission expressed concern to the CENI about not making the minutes publicly available. A few days ago, the EU Observation Mission issued another request to the CENI to post minutes on its website, but so far, there has been no response.  
The opposition maintains its call for annulment of the election and the Govt-CENI -RPG continues to belittle the opposition’s call.  
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