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CENI Announces Numbers for Matoto, A Full Set of Provisional Numbers Are to Be Announced Tomorrow Night -8PM

October 17, 2013
After agonizing days and hours pouring over real ballots, fake ballots, real PVs, fake PVs, having droop-eyed Alhassane Conde strut around like a field marshall supervising the vote count and the EU observers who walked around for weeks with their mouths agape because they couldn’t believe what they were seeing AND who stayed overnight at the centralization station to prevent the Guinean electoral commission, the CENI, and the RPG from continuing to commit fraud, there was hardly a dull or fair moment in Guinea’s 2013 electoral farce.
The CENI provided numbers* for Matoto today. Concerning single-member constituencies, Sidya Toure (UFR) was elected with 112,437 votes against against the RPG (ruling party) candidate with 110,709 votes.  
Regarding proportional representation, the ruling party (RPG) is leading with 103,363 votes, followed by the main opposition party, UFDG which collected 70,999 votes. The third political force in the country (UFR) is also third with 53,392 votes. And, the SARP is fourth with 13,295 votes. is featuring its estimate of the allocation of national assembly seats among the political parties.  You may wish to check out that website as well.
*Guinea Oye is unable to say that any of the numbers announced today are “results,” given the massive, audacious fraud the government committed.  Thus, we will refer to CENI “results” as numbers.
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