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To Matoto, Alpha Conde Sends a “Magistrate Superviseur”– No Such Position Under Guinea Electoral Code– to Bring the Win Home for the RPG (FR-EN)

October 14, 2013
Read about the RPG-CENI’s latest maneuvering to give Alpha Conde a majority in the national assembly.   The same kind of fraud took place in the 2010 presidential election in which the RPG and the CENI worked in tandem to bring Alpha Conde to Sekoutoureya Palace. 
The Supreme Court gave the RPG-CENI the go-ahead to recount the ballots in Matoto.  It started today.
[Below is a link to the French version of the article.  After that, is an English version translated with Guinea and editing by Guinea Oye.]
In Guinea, representatives of the authorities and the opposition continued to struggle Sunday to agree on checks on the Matoto vote count, which ifs the largest constituency in the country, and continues to delay the publication of the full results of the parliamentary elections of September 28.

According to an AFP reporter, the blockage is in the administrative commission of the centralization of votes (CACV) in popular area of Conakry and the first constituency of Guinea with 440,000 enrolled.

The CACV is responsible for collecting and transmitting the results to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), a joint body composed of representatives of the presidential majority and the opposition, which is now awaiting the results of Matoto on 38 constituencies.

The problem for several days has been that, the ruling party, the Rally of the People of Guinea (RPG), demanded various checks, putting in doubt the veracity of the Matoto figures and suspecting the President of the CACV, the magistrate, Victorian Rahba,  suspecting the Minutes (PV) were manipulated.

The CENI petitioned the Supreme Court to have Rahba replaced. Further, pending the response of the court, the CENI announced that it has designated a special magistrate, Seny Camara, to “supervise” the work of the CACV in Matoto, hoping it will lift the locking.

This solution was rejected by the opposition, which has challenged the magistrate Camara, and reiterated its request for cancellation of elections.

I would like to reaffirm our desire to see the elections canceled and in the meantime, we reject in the most categorical way the presence of the supervisory Magistrate, a term coined by the CENI, which does not exist in the Guinean electoral Code, said former prime minister, Sidya Toure, in the presence of other opposition leaders, Diallo and Jean-Marie Dore.

We are adamantly opposed to another judge to replace the one in place. We will not accept it, he added.

The vote count was expected to resume Sunday after several days in which the work could not take place, whereas party representatives were on hand for Sunday morning as well as observers from the European Union (EU). No incidents have been reported, however, according to the AFP journalist.

The special election security force (Fossel), however, was on higher alert than the previous day outside the headquarters of the CACV and inside the building, reported the journalist.

In a statement released Sunday, the representatives of the international community committee members asked that the government and the Guinean opposition follow previous agreements regarding legislative elections and expressed concern over delays in the publication of the provisional results of the election on 28 September.

They call on the CENI  to make every effort to complete the tabulation of provisional election results for publication as soon as possible and, in any event, before the holiday of (Muslim) Eid al-Adha, which should be celebrated Tuesday or Wednesday in Guinea.

They invite, in particular, political parties and all the institutions concerned to cooperate fully to complete the finalization and tabulation of the results of riding Matoto.

By Sunday evening, the CENI had released the results of the election on September 28 in 37 of 38 districts which, according to unofficial figures, give a slight edge to the camp of President Alpha Conde.

According to statements made ​​at the first tabulation in Matoto, opposition is given the lead.

However, the complex mode of election (SMP for 38 MPs proportional to the largest remainder for the other 76) makes any random projection difficult, according to experts.


Source AFP

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