EU Observers Stay Overnight in Matoto Clearinghouse to Prevent RPG-CENI from Committing Fraud (FR-EN)

Article from follows.  For French version, click on link directly below.  Article translated into English via Google with editing by Guinea Oye follows.

Certainly, Alpha Conde is determined to grant himself a victory without honor in Matoto. All methods are now used to make this possible through a fraudulent election already expected by the national and international opinion, of delaying the transmission of CENI’s record of votes, or PVs, in order to introduce false PVs in the office of centralization for results in Matoto. Being aware that these false PVs will not be invalidated either by the CENI, much less by the Supreme Court which is allied with the president. RPG victory depends only on its ability to introduce false PVs to the office of centralization. Hence, the determination to delay their transfers until the introduction of false PVs.

The attempt by RPG activists to introduce fraudulent PVs, which was scheduled for last night Thursday, October 10, 2013, was thwarted by the determination of observers from the European Union, whose seven members spent Thursday night in the Matoto clearinghouse.

Frustrated by the failure inflicted on its plan to commit fraud Thursday night, RPG activists returned on Friday, October 11, 2013, to cause trouble near the clearinghouse. Their representatives came out of their office for no good reason, with the aim of stopping the centralization of results.

Faced with this delaying tactic, representatives of the opposition demanded that the   centralization work continue due to the presence of the EU observers and a government representative who is also vice chairman of the committee, a Mr. Toure. This can ensure the fairness of the results being designated by the administration.  

Informed of this, the Minister of Territorial Administration, Mr. Alassane Conde ordered Mr. Toure to leave the room with the representatives of the RPG, under the eyes of European observers who were not absolutely sure they would return. However, the administration and its representatives have a legal obligation to adopt a position of strict neutrality in the electoral process.  

It is worth noting that the centralization work which remains to be done in Matoto takes no more than thirty (30) minutes. Yet, this unspeakable delay is only the expression of the will of President Alpha Condé to confiscate once again the expression of the popular will. This raises the question of the validity of these elections simply because the statutory period for proclamation of  preliminary results by CENI, under Article 163 of the Electoral Code, ie 72 hours after the elections, are widely exceeded.

This is unfortunate and damaging to President Alpha Conde, given that the electoral robbery   is happening under the eyes of observers from the European Union and an AFP journalist. You have to be Alpha Conde to take such a risk.

To be continued …..

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