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Young Conakry Citizens, Illegally Detained, Have Been Freed from Their Kankan Military Prison Camp and Are Back Home with Families (2010 VIDEOS)

October 11, 2013
Happening more quickly than many people thought, the wonderful news is that the young men, arbitrarily arrested in Conakry and incarcerated at a military camp near the end of September, are now free.  Two young men remain at the camp and hopefully we will learn more about their fate soon. 

Kudos to the attorney for the youth, Alseny Aissata Diallo, who moved quickly and spoke passionately on their behalf.  It appears that the Ministry of Human Rights played a large role in the release of these youth, as well as the US embassy in Conakry.

Detailed article, in French and English, further below, after the videos.

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(Translation to English via Google and editing by Guinea Oye)

Thirty youth according to the lawyer and half that according to other sources, arrested in late September 2013 in pre-election violence in Conakry and transferred to Kankan, 660 km away, were finally released thanks to the involvement of the Ministry of Human Rights and U.S. diplomatic representation. Your online daily returns to the circumstances of their arrest and release.

When asked, Alsény Aissata Diallo, the victims’ lawyer, confirmed the facts. “My clients have actually returned to their respective families. Of the 30, only two are held today. I admit that their release was not easy. It took a knock at the door of the Ministry of Human Rights and the U.S. embassy. It is only after these steps that strict instructions were given to free them. “ 
This information was confirmed by another well-informed source, who reported that when the President of the Republic would have been informed of this situation, the tenant of Sékoutouréya Palace would have ordered the immediate liberation and return of the young people. 

Negotiations and release

And when you ask Master Diallo’s about the pattern of the arrests, the lawyer speaks of both “arbitrary and illegal.” “I see no reason for this in any case legally. If any crime is to my clients was criticized, I think we are in a state of law. The police are there, the police also. It was enough to follow the procedure. I wonder why free citizens have been wrongfully arrested and shipped the next day and by night to a military camp 600 kilometers. “

Asked a near victim support after the arrest in Conakry, the youths were nightly embedded in Kankan, in a military camp. “During their journey, they were asked to lie on their back in the trucks transporting them as they passed through each city so as not to be identified. They slapped and knocked them around.”

Once alerted, regulars of the Ministry of Human Rights reported that their boss referred his employees to family members who could provide more information. During the discussion, the Minister assured his interlocutors of his will and determination to make every effort to return the youth in question and ensure that justice is done.

Similarly, the Minister of Human Rights has also promised to personally ensure that all families find their children. “I do not know what these young people have done or not. What is clear, that in their treatment, our laws have not been met. It’s a shame, since they assume is really something that only the judge can and must establish is a risk to society that they are not punished. But this risk is the public authority that is taken by the company, acting outside the legal principles, “a frame-up.”

Shortly after this meeting, the young people were actually released and embarked from Kankan for PM3 Matam.   An interview with a witness who participated in their arrival confirms. “They are mechanics, a doctor, students …. It was neither selective nor specific. What struck me the most, they were so hungry, they could not eat the offered e Minister of Human Rights menu. They were not tortured, certainly, but some had not showered for a week. They really stank. “

In Matam,, the Minister of Human Rights reportedly told police that when questioning those accused of committing a misdemeanor or a felony, that a transfer to another location, outside any judicial control is not in accordance with law or the rights of man. “You are there to ensure the safety of Guinea and Guineans, but in compliance with the laws and rights including respect for human dignity. Otherwise, you weaken,social justice and peace. “

Still Matam, the minister said the youth and their families to the police that he is against any form of impunity, which is young or old, the opposition or the side of power, regardless of its origin or political opinion, adding that any punishment not included within the strict framework of the law, without other considerations, would be a threat to democracy, social peace and human rights. “Such a process is in place to consolidate and legitimize public power weakens and undermines the social fabric and the democratic ideal,” he was informed.

And finally, the minister said that such a practice contrary to the principles of the rule of law and human rights, must be strictly avoided in the interest of the state itself and thus of society, and the perpetrators must be held accountable in court. “It is essential to give meaning and body to the idea of state law, which means that nobody is above the law, or those who are governed or those who govern, or the young, or those who act on behalf of the State, that principle does not weaken the state, on the contrary it strengthens the kidney and its legitimate authority. “

Until we know more, many Guineans are now worried. “In the past, when the police making arrests, the suspects carted it to the police. This time, families have found  their youth close to 700 kilometers in a military camp. This is sobering. Is this a method being tested? I do not know but I’m afraid that to happen again,” growls a family member.

Reaction NGOs

Among the structures that express concern is the Research Institute on Democracy and Rule of Law (IRDED), a non-governmental human rights organization in Guinea. The group in a statement to authorities, sought the involvement of Friends of Guinea countries, given the situation of the “arrest” of citizens without cause.

Continuing, IRDED said the Guinean government must immediately bring to justice all those involved in the kidnapping of citizens in a military camp. “This time the perpetrators are known and identified. Justice must be at the risk of discredit to the citizens. “

Moreover, IRDED promises not simply to denounce these kinds of practices, but also to help prevent their recurrence by ensuring that all citizens are safe at home, at work and on the street ” Souleymane Balde told me.

In the same vein, the United Nations human rights is out of the woods to castigate this series of arrests of youth and moved 700 kilometers from Conakry.

Other NGOs defending human rights went beyond denunciations meeting, for example, the ministry. “The State has a duty to protect the public safety and tranquility, take a firm stand against all violence on the streets and in public spaces. But in a fair and legal manner. As minister of human rights, I am morally, politically and intellectually against all forms of alternative sanctions outside the legal framework, “said the minister.

“The fact that the treatment of these young people is considered non-compliant with the law, the fact they are back in Conakry and released is a victory. This victory is not you, or anyone, but the law. It is the victory of the law, “he concluded.

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