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Guinea Govt. Rendition Program? HR-OGDH: Over 30 Young Men Illegally Arrested in Conakry, Now Detained 800km Away in Kankan Military Camp (FR-EN)

October 10, 2013

From  Please click the link directly below for the French version. In addition, further below, the article is translated into English via Google – a bit rough.


Déclaration : Les vieilles habitudes ne sont pas encore mortes.

Posted on October 8, 2013
N / Ref: O134/CD/OGDH/2013 Conakry October 7, 2013

Statement: Old habits are not yet dead.
Young people, the number of thirty three (33), as we have said in our last statement from 03-October 2013, were arrested following the violent events of September 22 and 23 occurred in Taouyah John Paul II. These young people were at their monitoring stations to ensure the safety of their concessions. They were taken first to the Mobile Brigade No. 2 Hamdallaye and the PM3, where they were interviewed. They were treated bandits, provoking revolt.

He was promised parents that these young people would be brought to justice. But the next day an hour (1H) in the morning, they were transferred to the military camp Soronkony (Kankan), where they arrived about five o’clock (17H). They will be housed in a large room on the pediment which it is written: “No entry to any foreigner.” A small adjoining room there was a place of comfort. The guard was changed twice daily. It was composed of all ethnicities.

Transportation to and from these young people is made of special way for all those who ignore the Guinean practices. Transported at night by guards hoods, they were forbidden to cause to move or being seen by people outside of the vehicle.

Thus, through the cities within their journey of nearly 700 km,
they should lie. They were subjected to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and even torture: they struck regularly, they insulted. A young man who asked urinate, received a blow to boot to the head, while another wanted to be informed that his family was severely hit.

In this environment of physical violence, death threats added. They were told: “We are trained to kill and kill! If you are wise you will be killed and there will be nothing, you will be buried here!

In 1996, when the Organization of African Unity, OAU asked OGDH
organizing the 10th anniversary of the entry into force of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, we heard the same thing at Camp Koundara red berets.

Another young fainted, he remained long in this state. His colleagues thought he was dead. It is only at the opening of the door he could regain consciousness through aeration. The young BANGOURA, fell seriously ill too.

Many of these young people need medical because in addition to physical health problems, there is trauma especially among minors. The fear of death had won all because they had the confidence not to return to their families.

The return is made as to go with two stops this time, and Kindia Coyah. Thanks to the combined organizations defending human rights, the Ministry of Human Rights and Public Freedoms, diplomats and international institutions efforts, they were transferred to Soronkony Conakry, where the Minister of Human rights and civil liberties and put them at the disposal of their families.

Importantly, Mr. Thierno Aliou Diallo customs of his condition,
aged about 33 years and Mr. Moudjitaba BAH, merchant remain
detention PM3.

Crimes committed during his arrest and detention at the military camp Soronkony be analyzed:

 arbitrary and unlawful detention;

 Cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment;

 Torture;

 Violation of the rights of detainees;

 detention in a military camp,

 Violation of Article 5 of the Constitution, Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Indeed, the arrests were not made by agents with the grade of officers or agents of the judicial police. The judge has not been entered.

The time required for preventive detention is 72 hours. But in this
specific cases, this period has been greatly exceeded. But the detention was
made in a non-recognized by Guinean law place. This is what we
teaches 247/72/PRG Decree No. 20/09/1972, Article 3.

In this case in a military camp. This detention is not
available to the Prosecutor. According to the same decree, prisoners are entitled to:

 At the family visits and correspondence

 A health care

 At work and salary

 healthy and balanced food

 The goods seized from him are his property and must be returned

OGDH calls:

· A Guinean justice to shed light on the arrests of these young people and their detention in a military camp, followed by cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment and torture

· The government to take concrete measures to prevent
of serious human rights violations and making available to the Ministry of Human Rights and Civil Liberties, all the means necessary for its promotion, protection and defense of human rights;

· For international institutions, diplomats and all
bi and multi-lateral partners of Guinea has, so they consider human rights as the foundation of good governance;

· A civil society, notably the defense organizations
Human rights and political parties to organize themselves and fight effectively against impunity in Guinea.

President: Dr. Sow Thierno Maadjou

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