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Declaration: Opposition Gets Wind of CENI Plan to Replace Valid PVs with False Ones Tonite in Matoto

October 10, 2013

And you thought the reason the election results were coming out so slowly is because the CENI is is doing a careful count of the votes.  Au contraire, Conde lost these elections so badly that twelve days after the election, they are still “stuffing” ballot boxes.  Shame.

From Please click on the link directly below to read the article in French.  The English version follows (Google)

Communiqué de l’opposition relatif au projet de substitution de PV à Matoto

The Republican opposition informs the citizens of Guinea in general, its activists and sympathizers as that on the night of 1 to 2 October 2013 in the town of Kaloum RPG Arc-en-ciel is organizing a act of substitution PV Administrative Commission Centralized votes of the electoral district of Matoto.

Indeed, after having caused incidents and violence yesterday and Wednesday, October 9, 2013 at the headquarters of the Administrative Commission Centralized Rating Matoto by a pack of executives and thugs from the ruling party, the assessor and the delegate of RPG Arc rainbow voluntarily refused to take part in the work of the commission, paralyzing facto continuation and completion of clearing operations.

This paralysis is to resume operations centralization to allow the substitution of many PV to provide strength to the RPG Arc-en-ciel majority to force him to win the first past the post in the constituency Matoto.

The Republican opposition is to witness the national and international community acts RPG Arc-en-ciel to fiddle the results of the election on September 28, 2013 in general and the Matoto in particular.

Opposition calls on its members and supporters and all peace-loving citizens to remain vigilant throughout the night around the headquarters of the Committee of the Administrative Commission of centralized votes Matoto.

Further releases will follow.

Conakry, October 10, 2013

The Republican Opposition

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