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Press Conf. on Prov. Election Results: Damantang Camara “Bogarts” Through Illogical Script

October 9, 2013

What can you say about today’s government press conference concerning the provisional results of the Guinean legislative elections?  One thing is for sure, Damantang Camara, the government’s spokesperson, is a sharp cookie and he was quick to make two things clear.

First, the government-CENI conglomerate would “Bogart” its way through the press conference without taking responsibility for much of anything on its plate.   Camara must have chuckled to himself when he dodged the gnarly issue of the government’s culpability in massive fraud by replacing it with a non-issue.  According to Camara, the RPG arc-en-ciel identified anomalies early on in the election, got to the complaint box well before the opposition and is now pursuing the irregularities.  While this is not particularly clear, it is bound to be less stressful than investigating your own fraud.

Second, the conglomerate would exploit the generous gift it got from the EU when the observer team said the “irregularities” were found in “eight out of a total of 38 constituencies.” It is not certain whether the opposition knew about the “8 out of 38” before the release of the EU statement.  If not, there may well have been an EU-conglomerate discussion about the need to “contain” the fraud.  Actually, the fraud is far more widespread than suggested in the EU statement and this is the reason the opposition is calling for the election to be annuled.

After Camara’s press conference, the opposition parties met.  According to  Sidya Toure said they have not changed their minds – annul the election.

[Article translated into English – rough, but you’ll get the idea.]

Contested constituencies: the government decides on interim results

“Preliminary Results and annulment in the disputed constituencies” is the theme of a press briefing hosted by the Wednesday, October 9 Damantang Albert Camara, spokesman for the Government in the House of the Press Coleah located in the town of Matam , found on site Guineenews ©.

From the outset, before an audience of journalists, the spokesman of the government initially declined the outline of his briefing. He said the government acknowledges the recent comments made ​​by those who their (observers) accompany. Then he also said he came interact with media people on a number of points to raise ambiguities about the electoral process. And in the end, to enlighten the attention of journalists, the international community and all Guineans who are, according to him, hanging on the electoral process.

First, he stated that the government has noted with satisfaction that the international community continues to support them with advice, observations and recommendations in this process before we can hope that in the end they will be sure to have partners who will validate the electoral process.

Speaking of anomalies in some constituencies, the government spokesman said a number of observations should be made. “The first is that in general the defects and deficiencies have been identified by our partners in eight constituencies, which leads us to believe that in the thirty districts can legitimately consider that things are fairly and properly spent” s is it forbidden.

And adds: “The second finding is that the eight identified districts in which he seems to have had problems, defects, malfunctions and failures, these are terms that are used, you have two of the RPG-Arc Rainbow won the SMP, two UFDG, and four related UFR “Has he said before adding that regardless of these districts, there are others where abnormalities were found. But, he said, those who are the subject of debate are these eight districts.

As for accusations of fraud orchestrated in the election on 28 September, the spokesman of the government is clear, he argues that the movement was the first to assert: “The RPG Arc-en-ciel was the first to denounce anomalies even before the results begin to be published by the CENI. Immediately after the election the RPG Arc-en-ciel began denouncing a number of acts that were likely to undermine the credibility of the vote in some areas, “he said.

Regarding the electoral district of Nzerekore, the government spokesman lantern illuminates the saying: “A Nzerekore, we have about thirty thousand seventy thousand voters have spoken. But we also note that four hundred and some polling stations were canceled percent leads us to believe that this cancellation is to our detriment, “said he advised.

And he goes on these words: “Let us be very clear, these abnormalities affect us as well as everyone else. We are the first victims, and we also expect to exercise all remedies for normal is called “Has he promised.

As for the request for invalidation of the election on September 28, Damantang Camara said to have focus. “We are in misunderstanding over the annulment of the opposition does not say to whom the letter is addressed, nor what form it should take. We remain confident in the whole process and we hope that very soon the report of the CENI will eventually allow the Supreme courts to decide that the vote of Guinea is also well respected in the substance and form, “Has he insisted.

Whereas the conference, the Minister Kiridi Bangoura, a member of the Technical Committee for monitoring the political agreement July 03 was the false good.

The government is the briefing at a time when the so-called Republican opposition threatens to descend into the streets, occupying public squares in case if its demands are not taken into account. However, psychosis among the population continues.

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