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Arrest of Author-Vocal Critic of Alpha Conde, Mamadou Sy Savane Billo, in Conakry Last Night – Guinea’s Latest Political Prisoner

October 9, 2013

Sy savane3arrestM. Sy Savane

Conakry arrest of Billo Mamadou Sy Savane by Conde!

  Wednesday, October 9, 2013 11:14

[From Translated into English via Google with editing by Guinea Oye.  (M. Sy Savane is a native of Guinea, but has lived in France for many years.)]

Last night, Tuesday, October 8, 2013 we were informed of the arrest of Mr. Mamadou Sy Savane Billo Guinean nationals residing in France for decades. At the end of September he went to Guinea as usual. He makes ​​several trips to Guinea a year, often advertised in numerous articles published by various websites.

We currently have no information on the reasons for his arrest. What remains clear is that Mr. Sy Savane has always stood by his crusade against the dictatorship and looting of public funds under any regime in Guinea. The mismanagement of Guinea Alpha Conde has not escaped his scathing criticism in the media.

He never ceased to denounce electoral fraud that brought Alpha Condé to power. He did not ignore either the mafia excesses of his regime and the dangerous grip of some businessmen on sensitive interests of Guinea.

Those who follow and read his writings will not be surprised by this arrest in a country where the rigor of the law affects only those who are opposed to the emerging dictatorship and looting of public funds which showed excessies of the regime of President Alpha Conde.

We are also aware of the creation of a support committee by some Guineans France which will be to denounce the arrest of Mr. Sy Savane.

Stay tuned …….

The writing

Writing GuineeActu joins the outcry over the arrest, probably for crimes of opinion.

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