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A Bit of Comic Relief – Sidya Toure: “We asked for a UN helicopter to transport the results from Kaloum to the CENI”

October 7, 2013


Article translated into English via Google with editing by Guinea Oye

Due to the slow release of some preliminary results of the vote, the leader of the Union of Republican Forces (UFR), Sidya Touré, joked with his peers in the opposition suggested that they ask for a United Nations to charter a helicopter to transport the results from Kaloum to the Electoral Commission.

Nine days after the vote, the results of Kaloum, Matoto and Ratoma three communes of Conakry are just a ten minute drive from the headquarters of the CENI but we are still waiting on them, while the returns from Lola and Yomou city which are more than 1000 km away, and they are distributed. 

“Kouyate has forgotten something, we have introduced a formal request to the United Nations to provide a helicopter that will transport results Kaloum and Matoto to the Ceni. Because it’s been nine days. I think the UN helicopter is needed, “insisted Mr. Touré.

And former Prime Minister Jean Marie Dore was invited to join in. “Our unit is unwavering. Be sure of this,” said he said.

To a colleague, who asked if the CENI has jurisdiction to annul an election, Mr. Dore replied bluntly. “That’s his business.” It was enough to make people laugh all together

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