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Like a Fox in a Chicken Coop: US Amb. Laskaris Wants to Verify Opposition Claims of Irregularities and Fraud in 9-28 Legislative Elections to See “If It Affects the Election”

October 5, 2013
Africaguinee is reporting that US Ambassador Laskaris is offering  to “verify irregularities and fraud claims” made by the opposition concerning the September 28 Guinean legislative election and determine “if claims affect the election.”

Amb. Laskaris has not been in Conakry long, but he made his mark quickly as he metamorphosed  from an American “every man” to a duplicitous, slippery operator. Laskaris decided to take a hard line on opposition demonstrations by playing dumb about the origin of violence which occurred during those demonstrations.  He knows well that the violence originates from two, collaborative forces: state security and RPG militias-provocateurs (sometimes supplemented with Donzos and foreign mercenaries). The RPG militias infiltrate the protests and attack opposition supporters, who have every right to defend themselves.  When they respond to the RPG aggression, state security rushes in to mete out violence against the opposition, including summary executions in the streets.  
It wasn’t long before Laskaris, in public presentations, interviews, statements, and probably at dinner parties, built his case that the opposition and its stone-throwing tactics are the real culprits in Guinea.  He repeated it like a mantra. He knows that the RPG and state security are not there to operate within the law, and he uses their violence as the basis to criminalize the opposition.  But, the real reason that Laskaris and other diplomats want the opposition off the streets is because the massive numbers reveal the original dirty sin.  Alpha Conde stole the 2010 presidential election, with the international community’s assistance, which brought him to office, but without a mandate to govern.  In order to control the majority of the population who did not vote for him and to shield him from being removed from office, he built up his existing arsenal of repression with “irregular forces,” the better to hide a direct link to the government.  And, yes, once you steal one election you must steal all the others.  This is how Conde and the international community have held onto the myth that he is Guinea’s “first democratically-elected” president.  Every time the opposition hits the streets, the massive numbers pulverize the myth like a wrecking ball.  There is no doubt that the opposition did very well in the recent elections and that will become evident, that is, until the CENI works its diabolical magic.  Laskaris and many members of the international community shamelessly propped up Alpha Conde over the last three years by criminalizing the opposition and ignoring the state-sponsored violence.
So, look at Laskaris’ next moves as if you were playing poker with him. You know from past games, he comes with several aces up his sleeve and a true “poker face” to cover his strategy.  The most prudent thing to do would be to shut the game down and devote every effort to preventing Laskaris from getting within 500 feet of a Guinean ballot.
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