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Joint Declaration of the Guinean Opposition Delivered at Today’s Press Conf.: “Opposition Demands Outright Cancellation of September 28 Elections Because of Their Highly Fraudulent Character” (EN-FR)

October 4, 2013
Directly below is a link for the French version.  Immediately following, you will find a translation of the declaration into English via Google with editing by Guinea Oye

Déclaration conjointe : l’Opposition exige l’annulation pure et simple des élections pour leur caractère éminemment frauduleux

Joint Statement: Opposition demands outright cancellation of elections because of their highly fraudulent character

Created Friday, October 4, 2013 2:45 p.m.

Despite its repeated warnings, the Republican opposition regrets to note that the Government and the CENI  persist to continue forging ahead with the publication of election results which do not reflect the truth of the polls in the election on 28 September 2013.

Massive fraud organized before, during and after the vote resulted in ballot stuffing, tampering and substitution PV counting, important omissions of voters, retentions of electoral maps, members of Government interference and senior military officers in the collection and centralization of votes, etc …

The first results published by the CENI actually confirmed this trend of widespread fraud in which the ultimate goal is to assign the presidential movement an undue parliamentary majority, in order to establish an autocratic regime and establish a governance acting to the detriment of the general interest.

The number and scope of these deficiencies take away any credit in this election whose results are in contradiction with the verdict of the polls which is thus diverted to a power whose unpopularity is a measure of the balance sheet, particularly negative for the past three years management.

Also, the Republican opposition has decided to require the outright cancellation of the elections for their highly fraudulent character.

The Republican opposition does not, in case the cancellation request is not taken into account, hesitate to use all legal forms of protest, including demonstrations in the squares and public roads throughout the national territory.

In this case, the political members of the Republican opposition parties invite their members and supporters as well as all Guinean patriots and Republicans to remain mobilized to respond, if necessary, their slogan of protest in the coming days . They also call on all their structures in Conakry, inside the country and abroad to be ready for the joint organization of joint actions of protest against the electoral hold-up underway in Guinea.

Conakry, 04 October 2013.

The Republican Opposition.

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