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Guinea Opposition Will Not Participate in National Legislative Election Vote Count – Gov’t Fraud

October 3, 2013
  • Below is a link to the French version and after that you will find the article translated via Google into English with editing by Guinea Oye

Législatives en Guinée : l’opposition ne participera pas au comptage des voix

Legislative Elections in Guinea:  The Opposition Will Not Participate in the Vote Count

Le avec AFP | 03.10.2013 à 17h07

LEGSIDYACELLOUOpposition party leaders, Sidya Toure (UFR) and Cellou Dalein Diallo (UFDG) photo:AFP

The Guinean opposition decided Thursday, October 3, not to participate at the national level counting of votes of the parliamentary elections on 28 September, called ” cinema “ by his spokesman Sidya Toure.

“How do we participate when we are not allowed to defend our thesis, and we are forbidden to speak?  This is “cinema” and we feel that this is a casus belli “ , said Toure . He had earlier told the press that the opposition rejected “categorically” the victory of the Rally of the People of Guinea (RPG), currently in power in two medium-sized cities north of Conakry, Fria Dubréka which were announced by the Electoral Commission National Independent (CENI).


In the morning, the opposition warned the government again against “misappropriation” of legislative votes, especially as the CENI continues to publish, in dribs and drabs, the provisional official results which “do not allow us to identify the trend.”  In a public statement, it warned “the government against engaging in any electoral fraud “ and reiterated “its firm intention to oppose any tampering of results. “

Guineans began to vote on Saturday 28 in elections expected to mark the completion of the transition to democracy after a military coup in 2008, and put an end to decades of political instability in countries in West Africa. The vote, originally scheduled to be held two years ago, is the first free consultation in Guinea since independence in 1958, but it takes place in an atmosphere tense after political and ethnic violence in which fifty died during the campaign.

The RPG’s Alpha Conde faces an opposition alliance formed around Diallo, leader of the Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea (UFDG) and unsuccessful candidate for president in 2010.

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