Attorney Files Complaint Re: Illegal Gendarme Arrest and Kidnapping of Conakry Civilians, Now Held at Kankan Military Camp, 800km Away

Anything can, and does, happen in Guinea.  Here, is a legal complaint filed on behalf of Conakry civilians illegally arrested by gendarmes on September 25, kidnapped, and then driven overnight to a military camp in Kankan, 800km from Conakry.  They are being kept as hostages.  At least 100 others are being detained at the Soronkony camp with them.  Below is the complaint as filed by the attorney.

While Guinea may seem chaotic, know that several forms of repression, worked out a long time ago, will unfold over the coming days and weeks.  Few will be in the category of “isolated incidents.”

951f0e505c6691abe99bcb39d19f7931 KANKANdet


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