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Joint Statement of the Republican Opposition Regarding Falsification and Publication of Non-Compliant Results (EN-FR)

October 2, 2013
Directly following is the link for the French version.  This is followed by the English version which was translated via Google with editing by Guinea Oye.

Déclaration conjointe de l’Opposition Républicaine relative à la falsification et publication des résultats non conformes

Joint Statement of the Republication Opposition Regarding Falsification and Publication of Non-Compliant Results
Created Wednesday, October 2, 2013 7:06 p.m.

The Republican Opposition welcomes the strong commitment of the people of Guinea whose maturity and commitment to the values ​​of democracy and peace have been recognized by the entire international community, during the vote on 28 September.

This progress was made possible because of the high sense of responsibility of the political leaders of the opposition who have emphasized to their supporters and sympathizers and launched across the country, the slogans of peace and tolerance at the approach of the election.

Unfortunately, the government and the CENI work with laborers of all kinds resulting in the diversion of the votes cast by the Guineans in order to declare non-compliant the polls results.  

Indeed, the organization of massive fraud was revealed in some constituencies, especially in Upper Guinea, Forest Guinea and Lower Guinea, where significant interference from government officials were recorded and direct interference of territorial administrators in the electoral process, from polling stations to centers where centralization of votes are conducted by administrative commissions.

The Republican Opposition draws, in particular, the attention of the national and international opinion to the following violations which marred the vote and tainted the overall consistency and credibility. These are facts, established by corroborative evidence, by irrefutable documents and even findings properly made by election observation missions in Guinea:

  • The refusal of CENI, at the behest of the current political authorities to proceed with the correction of serious deficiencies that were the basis of the four day delay before the election at the end of discussions on 20 and 21 September (omission of many voters, relocation polling stations, voters away from their polling stations disorder maintained in the publishing and distribution of voter cards …)
  • Substitution Minutes (PV) authentic by not complying with the reality of the votes actually cast in polling stations with preset PV; clandestine structures were created by members of the government and senior military officers to oversee the operations of forgery and substitution PV;
  • The deliberate and arbitrary invalidation of some pro-opposition PV;
  • The tampering with the administrative authorities and even military commissions in local centralization of results;
  •  Ballot stuffing in some constituencies of the Upper Guinea (in Kouroussa for example) where the number of voters sometimes exceeded the total number of registered voters of the polling stations;
  • The expulsion of opposition assessors from some polling centers and centralization of votes in an apparent attempt to create a closed-door session favorable for manipulation of results;
  • The opening of offices for illegal voting not officially listed in areas favorable to the government;
  • Multiple instances of military voting in polling stations dedicated to civilian voters;
  • Recurrent failures newsletters, envelopes and indelible ink in the polling stations, especially in pro-opposition areas.

All these serious violations of the Electoral Code and the many breaches of transparency and fairness have the effect of seriously undermining the credibility of the elections that had crystallized hopes for peace, democracy and development of an entire people.

The Republican Opposition informed opinion on the willingness of political authorities and the CENI to publish  result for votes actually cast by Guineans September 28, 2013 results. It warns against any government electoral fraud and reiterates its commitment to oppose any tampering of the ballot box results. It confirms that it continue to defend the election victory gained at the cost of many sacrifices made by the people of Guinea.

The Guinean Opposition Guinea reassures it will not yield to intimidation and threats from the current political authorities who have publicly stated their desire to impede the exercise of their rights to demonstrate and hold processions.

All members of the Guinean opposition parties urged their supporters and sympathizers and all justice-loving citizens who are concerned about the democratic future of Guinea to remain mobilized to defend their ideals of peace, justice and freedom.

Conakry, October 2, 2013

The Republican Opposition.

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