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Guinea Govt. Election “Win” Strategy: Hand Over Vote Tally to Supreme Court to Declare Results Final, as Required by Law, and Disregard Opposition Complaints of Fraud Altogether

October 2, 2013
Yesterday, the CENI, Guinea’s electoral commission declared that “it would not consider the opposition’s accusations of electoral fraud until after a final tally of votes cast on September 28 is completed. How does a vote tally become final?  By law, only the Guinean Supreme Court can declare vote results final.
Given that the CENI is floating in a sea of vote fraud, it cannot open itself up for review of even one opposition complaint, much less the hundreds which exist.  The best way to get out of the mess is to disregard the opposition’s claims altogether and present its vote tally directly to the Supreme Court. The CENI has ten days after the election to submit its vote tallies to the Supreme Court.  A wise bettor would wager that the tally is already in the hands of the Supreme Court justices, a move that would prevent any significant legal challenge by the opposition.  Be assured that the CENI is not busy tabulating results because it determined RPG arc-en-ciel candidates’ bottom line vote counts before the election took place. If you have been following Guinean politics for a while, you know far stranger things have happened.
Stay tuned . . .
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