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GUINEEPRESSE: “EU Electoral Observation Mission Confirms Our Election Day Assessments on Every Point and Even More Damning Words” (EN intro – FR article)

October 1, 2013
The declaration of Christian Preda, Head of European Union Electoral Observer Mission:

The disorganization, lack of transparency and communication of the CENI did not allow consideration of a solution to all the sticking points that could have led to a further postponement of the election in optimal conditions. However, the mission would like to acknowledge the dedication of the Prefectural Independent Electoral Commissions and Independent Electoral Commissions which led their mission under difficult conditions and a lack of resources provided by the CENI. The posting of the provisional electoral lists was carried out in a manner that was neither clean nor consolidatd.  All requests for registration and revisions were not taken into account. The distribution of voter cards phase revealed, in the relative proportions, duplication, omission of voters, and displaced voters were failed. The issuance of voter cards was not done in a normally sufficient manner. A late and chaotic start disrupted this crucial operation. On election day, these distributions continued sporadically contrary to the provisions of the Electoral Code. “. ( Listen ).

Thus, European observers confirm the results of the election day prepared by, at all points and even more damning words ( Read ).

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