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Guinea Legislative Election: The Opposition Denounces the “Massive Fraud” and the “Accomplices” (EN-FR)

October 1, 2013
Articles are popping out of Guinean websites, and Guinea Oye is not able to put everything into English that it would like. Here is a link (FR) to an article from about the opposition’s preliminary assessment of fraud thus far in the 2013 legislative elections.  After that, the same article appears translated into English via Google – rough, but hopefully better than nothing.

Mon, September 30th, 2013, 9:55 p.m.    Posted By Abdoulaye Bah

All Guinean opponents or almost, Diallo, Sidya Toure, Lansana Kouyate, Jean Marie Dore, Baadikko Mamadou Bah Diallo, Baidy Aribot met in emergency sessionConakry. At the end of their conclave, they clearly said they are not prepared to endorse any election tampering, such as found in Upper Guinea, forest region. And if no correction is made, they promised to decide further actions. 

When questioned, the former Prime Minister Sidya Toure gives details:. “Following our meeting today, we welcomed the mobilization of people for having voted Sept. 28.  But beyond the vote, this finding is appalling. The Forest in Upper Guinea in the capital, the Fouta and Lower Guinea, there has been tampering of all kinds. 
In the forest, the votes have been made via the boot of the army with military officials who were sent for this purpose. In Upper Guinea, there has been egregious violations. Parallel committees set up, including Lycée Franco Arabe Alpha Yaya Diallo Kankan and also to the Deputy Minister of Transport in Siguiri where all the results of the polling are filtered home. 52 offices were ordered specifically to Kankan and the Minister of Transport, Tidjane Traore helped Madikaba Camara and Camara Ambassador Deen, which has been reinforced by dozens of people who helped to proclaim results home that have nothing to do with reality, falsifying PV, and besides, we have realized that the lack of PV and envelopes and ballots were recorded in Conakry due to the concealment of these documents to to send them elsewhere. 
In Fouta, even though we did not observe any interference with SMP, but we found a reduction of 60 percent sometimes the number of voters. Some were not very far from their desks voting cards, either. 
In Lower Guinea, some voters were deleted from the file as Fria. We found in Boke, Boffa and elsewhere, ballots were placed in the ballot box. But the most alarming finding is in Conakry. After the Guinean opposition has won the five municipalities, the power is determined proclaimresults that have nothing to do with reality. 
We say clearly that the Republican opposition met today do not accept the results of elections tampering, as we have seen and that we will record in a statement. In the meantime, we will not accept these results. And if no correction is made, we will denounce this unacceptable process. And decide what action to take next. 
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