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Guinea Gov’t. Minister, Finding His RPG Party Losing In Kaloum, Sends in Reinforcements: Soldier-Voters

September 29, 2013
Cellou Dalein Diallo, president of the UFDG party announced a little earlier today that the opposition won in all five fiefs of Conakry.  UFDG candidates won in Dixinn and Ratoma and the UFR won in Matoto, Kaloum and Matam. But, trouble is brewing in the Kaloum vote, after a government minister became perturbed when he found out UFR candidate, Baidy Aribot was running ahead of the RPG candidate.

Here is an excerpt drawn from two stories in, that tell what happened next.
In Kaloum the race is not over because of fraud on the part of those in power. Inside the High School, on September 28, in the district of Coronthie, in Kaloum:

The Minister for National Defense, Abdul Kabele Camara orchestrated fraud in polling stations in Kaloum.  According to a delegate of the UFR in the office and confirmed by other members of that office, the Minister left the station upon hearing the RPG candidate was running behind in legislative race and then returned with 8 military people to vote.

Then, the top commander of the gendarmerie, General Ibrahima Balde (and ironically, the Commander of the election police (FOSSEL) brought 13 military in to vote.  He was followed by the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army who presented seven voters to help inflate votes for Conde’s party, the RPG. 
All of the soldiers said they sought to vote by proxy, which is absolutely prohibited.

The president of the UFR party, SidyaToure, hearing of the fraud attempt, went to Kaloum.  FOSSEL police prevented Toure from entering.  A gendarme told him that military officers were inside the voting station, but that he had orders not to let anyone in.

Never a dull moment, stay tuned . . .
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  1. Muhammad Barry permalink
    October 1, 2013 9:01 AM

    The result which is going to be given in that area(Kaloum) should be annulled due to the fraudlent act by the Minister. This is ridiculous.

    • October 1, 2013 10:23 AM

      Thank you for your comment. For too many years, things have been “ridiculous” in Guinea! One day the right change will come, in’challah.

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