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On the Eve of Guinea’s Second Fraudulent Election in Three Years, A Few Breaking Stories

September 27, 2013
On the eve of Guinea’s fraudulent legislative elections, here are a few late breaking stories for you to ponder:

From we are told that buses and trucks filled with Donzos and plain-clothed police are being dropped off in opposition areas.  When asked who these people are, the response is “election workers.”
Also tracked down the author of the infamous “coup” story which appeared a few days ago in French newspaper – “Le Canard Enchaine.”  This article caused a major uproar in Guinea because it fingered the UFDG for being a coup collaborator with others outside of Guinea.  Guinee58 gave the author a pseudonym – Jerome Canard. He admitted that he was wrong to publish an article filled with mischaracterizions.  Guineelibre identified the author of the article as Paul Moussa Diawara, founder of website Guinee24, and supposedly an advisor to Conde.  This kind of article, coming out just a few days before elections, presents a dangerous situation for the opposition, which is exactly what Alpha Conde and his government intended.
Guineaoye will follow the election tomorrow and provide updates when appropriate.
Stay tuned . . .
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