French Embassy Travel Warning for Guinea Election Day: No Traffic Allowed 8am – 6pm

guineacops 4-19

Between home and voting station, how many checkpoints of these guys will Guinean citizens have to pass through? 

No doubt, the government spent its 4-day extension wisely by further perfecting its election fraud throughout the country.  If you recall, one of the concerns of the opposition is the government’s placement of voting stations a long distance away from voters’ homes in areas known to be opposition strongholds, some as far as 5-10 kilometers.  Prohibiting traffic from 8am – 6pm ensures that the placement of these stations will have the intended effect — disenfranchisement of Guinean voters.

French Embassy Travel Warning

Last minute

For election day on Saturday, September 28, land and maritime borders of Guinea will be closed all day. Traffic will be prohibited throughout the country September 28, 08 heures à 18 hours. Air France flight will be provided normally. It is recommended to continue to be cautious, to minimize its travel Sunday, September 29 and to remain attentive to safety issued by the embassy or on this site.

As we approach the election and in the context of the last days of the campaign of political parties, it is advisable to be cautious in his movements in Conakry and in the provinces, especially in suburban areas of the capital, to keep away from gatherings, visit the website of the Embassy of France regularly and stay tuned its safety messages.

French nationals crossing, particularly in the context of missions related to elections, are invited to make themselves known to the consular section of the Embassy.

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