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Guinea Update 9-26: After the RPG Thugs, Here Come the Prevaricators, Provocateurs and Occupiers

September 26, 2013
It is clear that everything unfolding in Guinea now was planned a long time ago.  It’s a well-oiled machine.  As you will see from the highlights below the government is busy propagating a pretend coup, using ominous and threatening language against the UFDG, an opposition party that Alpha Conde has treated like an enemy of the state for three years.  We know that when the government speaks of the UFDG, this is code for Peuls.  False accusations are being made against “coup” collaborators, but the most concerning of all may be the security services’ “cordoning” of all of Ratoma — tantamount to an occupation.

Stay tuned . . .

Madifing Diané Guinean Minister of Security: “Guinea is in danger, and as I say, the string is pulled from the outside, and some policies that have slipped their political options are at the heart of this agitation”

Madifing Diané, ministre guinéen de la sécurité: «La Guinée est en danger, et comme je le dis, la ficelle est tirée de l’extérieur, et quelques politiques qui ont dérapé de leur option politique, sont au cœur de cette agitation» AUDIO, in French on at

Police search of home of Elhadj Irbrahima Bah, a trader
A trader living near the Forest region, Elhadj Ibrahima Bah, found himself snagged in the Conde government’s web when police came to search his house for evidence of collaboration in a coup.  Go to Guinee58, in French:
Commandant Mamadou Alpha Barry, spokesperson of the High Command of the National Gendarmerie:  “Last night we completely cordoned the area of Ratoma” 
Commandant Mamadou Alpha Barry, porte-parole du Haut Commandement de la Gendarmerie Nationale: «La nuit d’hier, on a bouclé complètement la zone de Ratoma» AUDIO in French on at
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