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(VIDEO – FR) Guinea Govt Plan – 1. RPG Provokes Opposition, 2. Opposition Responds and 3. Security Represses and Occupies

September 24, 2013
Since Sunday, the day after political leaders struck an agreement on legislative elections, there have been violent attacks by RPG thugs in opposition neighborhoods. And, with each day, the violence mounts.  In addition to violent attacks on opposition supporters, homes and businesses are being ransacked and burned, and most disturbing of all, women are being raped.  In addition, on Sunday, RPG thugs accosted the motorcade of Halimatou Diallo, wife of Cellou.  One of the vehicles, carrying several women, was set afire. 
From the reports coming out of Guinea, it appears that the three steps highlighted in the subject line above constitute the government’s plan to gain control over opposition supporters, primarily Peul neighborhoods in Conakry.  Firs,t RPG thugs initiate an attack , and, naturally the opposition must protect their families and defend their neighborhoods.  Then the security services,  which consist of police, gendarmes, and FOSSEL election cops apply the repression to the opposition.  UFDG vice-president, Dr. Fode Oussou Fofana, said two days ago that the government was trying to “militarize” opposition neighborhoods to prevent residents from getting to the polls on Saturday, September 28.  This makes sense and it also makes sense that the security forces will remain in these areas past the Saturday election.  It could be that these neighborhoods will be placed under certain restrictions and martial law is not out of the question either.
Check out the video below in which Mamadou Aliou Bah, a UFDG candidate for the assembly, reports on violence in and around his neighborhood.  Included in the report are details of what happened to the motorcade which included Halimatou Diallo.  
Also, today, Twitter was abuzz about the satirical paper, Le Canard Enchaine, which carried a note on its front page saying that tomorrow they would publish a story based on information from the CIA and DGSE (French External Intelligence services) about a planned coup d’etat in Guinea. comments on the idea suggesting that Le Carnard has been duped and the most likely culprit is Alpha Conde, himself. 
Of course this would not be the first time, would it?  The fake attack on Conde’s home in 2011, yielded the country a nuthouse of a trial, but did help Conde put some “troublesome” people behind bars.  Just think what a fake full blown coup attack could produce — hundreds incarcerated and a lot of summary executions.
Stay tuned . . .
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