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Marathon Negotiations Concerning Possible Delay of the 2013 Legislative Elections Ends in “No Agreement”

September 20, 2013
The several hour UN-led negotiations concerning a possible delay of the legislative elections scheduled for September 24, to address electoral “irregularities” just ended. No agreement between the CENI and the opposition was struck.
The negotiations are led by the UN’s Said Djinnit with the opposition, the government and the CENI as the primary participants.  According to bits of information which leaked out of the meeting throughout the day, two things remained constant: tough negotiating and a difference over how long of a delay is needed to address election preparation problems — the opposition wants a month and the CENI thinks one week is sufficient.
According to the following article from, more meetings are taking place this evening. Further, meeting participants agreed to form a tripartite commission which will address remaining “irregularities.”  Both the government and the opposition will have three representatives and the CENI will have one. Given that the CENI and government work “closely” together, they  they will form a voting block of four votes to the opposition’s three.  But this is nothing new, the CENI and Conde have been “stacking the deck” for three years.
Stay tuned!
Translated into French via Google
Fri, September 20th, 2013, 8:01 p.m.    Posted By     The A , News , Politics 5 1969

Opposition movement to leave back to back: the work carried over to tomorrow

The work of the monitoring committee of the electoral process chaired by the UN diplomat Djinnit just finished the common house Coléah. The talks foundered on the postponement of the elections without the oppostion and the presidential party do not agree, do we have learned.

The two sides under the auspices of the international community agreed to establish a commission triparatite composed of three members of the movement, three from the opposition and the INEC, which will work tonight to correct various anomalies (distance from polling stations plethora enrolled in polls, etc.).

Appointment is made for tomorrow at eleven o’clock in the same place for a report of the tripartite committee, its findings will be crucial.

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