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GUINEA: CENI Playing Games, Int’l. Comm. Providing Cover and Opposition Threatens to March Sept. 19

September 13, 2013
The CENI does not plan to clear up election-related issues which the opposition considers a violation of law or electoral code.  The international community, nearly apoplectic about getting the election over, has emerged as CENI’s apologist.  Over the last 24-hours the EU has announced its support of the CENI and from now on will run interference for it regarding opposition complaints.  In order to succeed, the international community  must pursue several avenues:  emphasize the integrity of the election (blatant fraud will be overlooked), build up the image of the CENI and its members, and do whatever is necessary to crush the opposition like a bug, politically, if it appears the election is in danger of not coming off as planned on Sept. 24.  After all, this is the international community’s election.
Put on your seat belts, folks, it’s going to be a bumpy two weeks. Two articles follow.

CONAKRY, Guinea September 12, 2013 (AP)

Fri, September 13, 2013, 3:28 p.m.  {Article translated into English via Google]

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