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Guinea Opposition Gives CENI 72 Hours to Clarify Electoral Process Problems or It Will Hit the Streets

September 9, 2013

ceniguinThe ball is in your court, Mr. Fofana

Stay tuned over the next few days, irregularities and blatant instances of fraud are being found by the boatload.

From Guinea 58

translation into English via Google with editing by Guinea Oye!
Monday, September 9, 2013 8:21 p.m.are
[The opposition is giving the CENI 72 hours to clarify inconsistencies found in the electoral process in relation to the Sept. 24 legislative elections]

Gathered in conclave this afternoon, the leaders of the Guinean opposition give 72 hours CENI to provide clear answers to their concerns about the electoral process, otherwise the opposition will return to street demonstrations..

The meeting was held at the headquarters of the UFDG in Hamdallaye CBG were present, Diallo, Sidya Toure Kassory Fofana Aboubacar Sylla, Jean Marc Telliano, Kouyate was the only opposition leader absent, as he was touring the country  and he sent someone to the meeting to represent him.

After reviewing the progress of the electoral process, the opposition noted that the CENI did not comply with all operations and some also have been eliminated altogether. Citing the display of voters, many voters did not find their names. Polling stations had been moved 35km of riding. A blur of almost the whole process. Voters N’Zérékoré could not benefit from the additional revision lists. Please!

Considering that it is necessary that the electoral list be reliable to ensure the transparency of elections, the opposition is demanding a clear explanation from the CENI within 72 hours, or risk the events again. The opposition’s reaction was expected. Since the beginning of the campaign, leaders have continued to denounce the opacity of the process. We remember that this is what will cause a coaster Sidya Toure. He promised in the past that no one will see him perched on a vehicle in a demonstration. Apparently CENI wants him to change his mind, it is in any case what Toure said in his last press conference.

However, a meeting of the committee monitoring the implementation of the agreements was to be held this evening to make an assessment of the situation. It is this committee that consists of representatives of the international community who sponsored the political agreement between movement and opposition.

What is clear is that we are far from the end of the Guinean electoral muddle.

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