Conde, Plagued by Huge Opposition Demos, Can Now Add Huge Opposition Campaign Rallies

Below is an incredible photo of the streets of Conakry today from a @ufdglive Twitter tweet.  Hats off to the photographer — a great shot!  More pics and info at the UFDG website.

Today, opposition supporters gathered in massive numbers to welcome UFDG party leader, Cellou Dalein Diallo, back to the capital after a very successful campaign swing through the country.  A crowd of this size is worrisome for Conde and his RPG Arc-en-Ciel, not because of the signs saying “Alpha – Zero,” but because a huge crowd like this is the best proof that Conde did not receive the majority of the vote in the 2010 presidential election.  And, this is the primary reason why Conde  and his operatives did everything possible over the last six months to stop the opposition from holding constitutionally-protected demonstrations.  We know that Conde used state security forces along with irregular troops — Donzos and RPG militia– to exert massive force against peaceful, unarmed demonstrators, often using extra-judicial executions to bring demonstrations to an end.

For now, let’s assume political campaigning is allowed.  Yet, it should be remembered that Conde, in the Spring of 2011, sent the military to attack Cellou Diallo’s followers as they waited at the airport for Diallo to arrive after a long stay outside the country.  Some people were killed and many were seriously injured.


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