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Guinea Elections Beginning to Unravel? Jurists Angry with Conde Threaten to Pull Plug on Elections and CENI Embroiled in Operational Slugfest

August 29, 2013
GUINEA debuted election cops, known as “FOSSEPEL,” in 2010 for the presidential election.  Who would have thought that these young, fresh-faced guys in the powder blue t-shirts carrying nothing more fierce than a billy club would operate as one of Guinea’s most vicious hit squad-killing machines during the campaign.  Like the military and the police, FOSSEPEL was placed at the service of Alpha Conde courtesy of interim prez, Sekouba Konate, to repress followers of Conde’s opponent, Cellou Dalein Diallo, in order to seal the deal for Conde’s usurpation of the presidency.  And now, FOSSEPEL cops are readying themselves for the next cycle of state-sponsored repression — the 2013 legislative elections.  More on state violence during the 2010 election in a later post.
With so much fraud in the works and the wholesale distrust Guineans have of Alpha Conde, it is no wonder Conakry is starting to heat up!
In an article from guineenews, we hear that Guinean magistrates are madder than hell with Alpha Conde.  It seems Conde has neglected the judges for the past two years by ignoring their repeated requests for improved working conditions.  Further, Conde shot off his mouth in Kankan recently when responding to citizens’ complaints about lack of water and electricity by saying “why are you not complaining about rotten judges who release prisoners!”  By now you are wondering what this has to do with the elections.  Under the Guinean electoral code, Guinean judges are the presidents of the administrative committees for the centralization of votes.  Judges say if their demands for better working conditions, a strict pairing of presidential decrees with an understanding of the application of the law, and detachment of the courts’ budget from the Ministry of Justice, are not met, “there will be no elections.”
Guinee 58 reports today that Bakary Fofana, the president of the electoral commission, the CENI, is the cause of a smoldering letter from his Director of Operations, Yaya Kane, in which Kane outlines a raft of complaints about preparations for the September 24 election. One of the most curious concerns is that Ousmane Keita, a CENI administrative official, walked off his job three weeks ago! Mr. Keita was the only member of the CENI, according to Kane, who has the expertise in the technical procedures specified in the Sabari election contract.  Further, Kane states that Bakary Fofana extended Keita’s mandate throughout the central site for the election.  It appears that Keita’s departure has been ignored by Fofana and Kane wants to know why.
In his letter, Kane states that he “categorically refuses to be put before a fait accompli  in the conduct of the electoral process.  Further, Kane says he will assume his full responsibilities providing Fofana consults on all decisions.
Just today, we learn that Cellou Dalein Diallo, president of the UFDG opposition party warns once again that the political agreement of July 3, 2013, in which the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the international community at large countersigned a document that “ended” Guinea’s political crisis is not being adhered to by the government nor the electoral commission.  He states the opposition will hit the streets if the situation does not change.  Please see more on this story at:
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