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Just When Guinea Did Not Need Another Problem — A Mild Earthquake Hits Conakry

July 21, 2013
Translated into English via Google with editing by Guinea Oye
At least 10 districts in the suburbs of Conakry felt an earthquake, Saturday night
around 10 pm, plunging many people into psychosis. The neighborhoods of
Hambdallaye, Cosa Nongo, Foula-Madina, Gbessia, Matoto, Lansanayah, and
Sonfonia felt the earthquake of which we do not know the magnitude or the epicenter.
“We saw our furniture slide around. Our neighbors must have felt the same
shock, because everyone came out of their houses in fear of what would
happen next,” reported a resident of the district in the town Nongo Ratoma.
“Yes, the earth trembled below us,” said a cititizen of Foula-Madina. Other sources
have reported that the prefectures of Coyah and Dubréka were also affected.
For now, there are no cases of injury or death has been reported.
Guinea has been repeatedly shaken by earthquakes over the years. The last
one was in August 2012, when an earthquake of low magnitude on the
Richter scale was felt in the city of N’Zérékoré in the south of the country.
But, the which will always be in the memory of Guineans, is the earthquake
in the town of Koumbia in December 1983. Dozens of people died and many
were injured.
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