GUINEA: Ethnic-Religious Violence in Nzerekore, Beyla

Since an incident at a gas station on Sunday in Nzerekore, the administrative capitol of the Forest region, where a man of the Koniake (Malinke) ethnic group was shot by the station keeper, a man of the Guerze ethnic group, for stealing, the situation has escalated dangerously. is reporting this morning that fighting continues in Beyla between the two ethnic groups and hospital quthorities say 40 people are dead, primarily by firearms and machetes.  Further, a least 100 people  have been wounded.  Health care facilities in the area are completely overcome.

Adding a religious edge to the conflict is the burning of churches (Guerze are Christian) and mosques (Koniake are Muslim).
And, a political twist.  Forest region natives Claude Pivi and Thiegboro Camara, members of Conde’s cabinet and long thought to be the primary perpetrators of the September 28, 2009, massacre in Conakry, have gone to the area of the fighting in the Forest region. 
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One thought on “GUINEA: Ethnic-Religious Violence in Nzerekore, Beyla

  1. I have been keenly following the animosities existing between these two ethnic groups for a considerable number of time.2 years ago,there was massacre near the Liberian border by the Geuze leadins to the death of hundreds of Konianke in Galakpei and many of those who did the act were called from Libéria to join their kingmen to carry on the that a Konianke was seen during the in Koule going to eat breakfast for the Ramadane and was caught and beaten to death which spaked the ethnic violence leading to scores dead and douzen wounded in Nzerekore and its surrending.The Geurze must stop opening corridors for violence!Nobody is above the laws.The Geuze cannot leave their settlement for anybody and the Konianke cannot also leave their settlements for anybody.I call on thé authority in Guinea to bring all perpetrators to book!

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