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Guinea Dialogue and Possible New Date for Elections

July 2, 2013
After the state-sponsored attack on opposition leader, Cellou Dalein Diallo’s, home on June 19, the opposition decided to drop out of the dialogue.  This past weekend Said Djinnit met with both sides and late on Sunday, over the airwaves a communique from Djinnit was read statin the opposition would return to the dialogue on Monday.  Yet, Monday morning, the opposition was a no-show.  The opposition stated that they never received a written invitation to the meeting on Monday and, therefore, would postpone its appearance until Tuesday.  As of this writing, the inter-Guinean dialgue is underway at the presidential palace.

Between Sunday night and Monday morning, two things were taking place.  First, the discussions held with the opposition over the weekend took place with a subset of opposition leaders who presumably wanted and needed more time to confer with the entire opposition leadership.  Djinnit’s communique, especially after it was read over the airwaves, had jumped the gun and put the opposition in a bad spot.  In the past, there have been times, when the opposition has refused to participate in a dialogue meetings because of the lack of a formal written invitation.
In any event, the Dialogue is underway today and two items are on the agenda, both are conditions for re-suming the dialogue:
-discussion and agreement on a security policy to protect opposition leaders and their supporters from state-supported violence
-a timetable for two international experts to assist the opposition with review of pertinent election materials
As far as setting a new date for elections, since the June 30 date is no longer possible, the CENI sent the opposition a proposed timetable outlining the number of days it might take between the call to elections and election day.  The opposition responded by suggesting that the components of the timetable need to be lengthened and that the rainy season, the height of which is during the month of August should be avoided. Those doing the speculating figure that the new date will be September 29, 2013.
Stay tuned . . .
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