Facilitators Announce the Resumption of Guinea Dialogue Talks Between the Gov’t. and the Opposition on Monday — To What End?

From Guinee58, translated into English via Google with editing by Guinea Oye

Facilitators announce the resumption of dialogue talks between the government and the opposition

The facilitators of the dialogue, Said Djinnit of the UN, Abubakar Somparé for government and Salifou Sylla for the opposition, announced that both the government and opposition will resume talks on Monday.exited from a meeting that had just split up and announced they had a communiqueconcluded a press release announcing the resumption of dialogue between government and opposition in Conakry. The three men were able to pull the leaders together, including the opposition around the negotiating table.

It should be recalled that the opposition had suspended its participation in the dialogue following the attack on the home of Cellou DaleinDiallo of the UFDG, on June 19. Since then, the process has sunk into a stalemate. It is a hope that is looming on the horizon in this crisis. Facilitators in their statement lamented “the unfortunate incident of 19 June 2013. “ They also welcomed “the initiatives taken by the Government, different policies and representatives of the international community actors to show their sympathy to Mr. Diallo. “


Full text of the facilitators’ statement

The facilitators of the inter-Guinean dialogue with satisfaction for the progress made since the launch of the dialogue, especially in formal discussions held from June 5 to 9.  It is also noted that the hopes raised by the dialogue and the calming atmosphere will prevail in the country for this meeting.

It is in this context that the facilitators, lamented the unfortunate incident of 19 June 2013. They noted with satisfaction all initiatives taken by the Government, different political actors and representatives of the international community who demonstrated their sympathy to Mr. Diallo.

The facilitators particularly welcome the statement by the President of the Republic of 29 June 2013 in which he reaffirmed his determination to carry out an investigation so as to know the conclusions.. In his statement, the President stressed that justice will rule and the necessary decisions will be taken accordingly and noted that impunity was not compatible with the rule of law. In the meantime, the President requested the Government, in conjunction with stakeholders, to take the necessary steps to ensure the safety of leaders of political parties.

Given the assurances of authorities of the country, in particular regarding the security officials of political parties, and consultations not undertaken, facilitation on outstanding issues of dialogue, the facilitators consider that the conditions are ripe for the resumption of dialogue. To this end, he invited all stakeholders to resume formal talks on Monday 1 July at 15h at the People’s Palace.

The facilitators take this opportunity to appeal to all parties concerned and to all the citizens, in order to preserve the calm of the prevailing climate and to create the conditions for the continuation and conclusion of the dialogue which will re-start on Monday, in order to achieve free, fair and peaceful elections.


Dakar, 30 June 2013

Saïd Djinnit

Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations West Africa,
International Facilitator of the inter-dialogue Guinea


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