Opposition Leader Diallo: “They Said They Would Reduce My House to Dust”

with criminals (Conde et al., ed. note)
(Article translated into English via Google with editing by Guinea Oye)
At Saturday’s regular meeting of his UFDG party, Diallo said he was determined to continue the fight started for the
advent of a society of justice, peace and democracy in Guinea.  He also praised those who fought bravely to prevent
the police and young thugs who promised to reduce his house to dust, he said. “You saved my life,” he added.
Following, Diallo says his supporters have shown that they are upright and ready to defend their leader because,
he says, since these incidents, young volunteers sleep at his door, all night, all day. “They have not been paid.
They expose themselves to protect the president of the UFDG.”
“What is more shocking is the distortion of the facts. People came out to support me.  Along the way to the
courthouse, there were no incidents. We arrived at court and, after meeting with the prosecutor, we headed
back home. Along the way, the police came to disperse the activists with tear gas, they attacked us with hatred
and violence.”   In that moment, he said he descended from his car to ask the police to stop the violence against
citizens who had gone to attend a public hearing in court because no law forbids it. “The police started throwing tear
gas in front of me. Against this background, we arrived at the house. Afterwards, young thugs and police were
deployed to the sea to attack my home. They hurt a lot of young people. They said they would reduce my house
to dust and the youth resisted.” For Diallo, their struggle with against RPG militants is only beginning with Alpha
Conde. In his eyes, no policeman dares to attack his home without the tacit support of Alpha Condé. “For Alpha
Condé, my activists are not citizens of Guinea. While several of our members have been killed, Alpha Conde has
not lifted a finger to move them. Had he assumed his responsibilities, we would not have fifty supporters dead.
For Diallo, the solution is to get up to say” no.”
“What does Alpha Condé believe? He must know that Guinea belongs to all of us. There will be sacrifices, but the
truth will prevail. The truth is on our side. We are all Guineans and Alpha Condé should understand we will not
accept this. Remain upright.  We demand respect for our dignity. “
“You must understand that, if we do not fight, we have nothing with Alpha Condé. They are criminals  and we
have the right to live in Guinea.  If we continue the fight, God will soon… solve our problem. We need to join hands.
We have national and international solidarity. We have decided to suspend our participation in the dialogue. We wil
not sit down with criminals to discuss. All victims of violence should be compensated. “

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