(VIDEOS): Let’s Get Straight About Who the Aggressors in Guinea Are

Unfortunately, the Guinean opposition must spend an inordinate amount of time correcting the numerous lies and propaganda scenarios put forth by the government about the nature of violence in Guinea.  Three videos follow.
As Cellou Diallo and his motorcade returned from a court hearing on Wednesday morning, state security forces intimidated those in the motorcade with a heavy presence of officers.  Close to Diallo’s home, two minibuses arrived, filled with Conde’s RPG thugs.  As Diallo and those in his motorcade rushed towards the house, they realized it was surrounded already with RPG thugs throwing stones.  For the next two hours both the police and the RPG thugs hurled rocks and tear gas at Diallo’s house. Many people, as you will see, were seriously injured and overcome with tear gas.  The police prevented ambulances from arriving to pick up seriously injured opposition supporters, many of whom were STABBED in the head by RPG thugs,
It’s not certain whether rock throwing is a new skill requirement of the police but, as you will see in this video, they are damned good at it. 
The Agressors:  Cops and RPG thugs throwing rocks at Diallo’s home
Below is an interview with Dr. Fode Oussou Fofana (in French) who provides the political context behind the attack on the home of Cellou Dalein Diallo and the defamation lawsuit Malick Sankhon filed against him.  A while ago, Diallo and other members of the opposition accused Sankhon and others, including Sekou “Resco” Camara, Governor of Conakry, of paying RPG thugs to attack merchants and opposition supporters, primarily in Peul neighborhoods, resulting in serious injury and death.  Sankhon slapped a lawsuit on Diallo, but was nowhere to be found for the court hearing on Wednesday morning. The opposition believes it was Sankhon who set up the attack at Diallo’s home on Wednesday.  Dr. Fofana breaks it down for you.
The Politics Behind the State-Sponsored Aggression and Violence Against Diallo, supporters, and other opposition.
If these are the aggressors of which the government speaks, may they fill the streets of Conakry.  According to Diallo, several of the women who accompanied him to court were arrested by police on the way back because they were not able to run away quickly enough. 
Supporters of Cellou Dalein Diallo Accompany Him to Court

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