(VIDEO-FR): Cellou Diallo Takes the US and French Ambassadors, the European Union Rep. and the Guinean Prime Minister on Tour of Damage Caused by Security Forces and RPG Thugs in Yesterday’s Attack

In the video (further below), Cellou Diallo leads a delegation of diplomats and Prime Minister Fofana on a tour of his property showing extensive damage from yesterday’s attack, including major destruction of several cars.  Note that Fofana, the first to arrive of the delegation, is shown the injuries received by opposition supporters during the attack.  Fofana is repulsed by what he sees and, rather than offering sympathy to those injured, he tells Diallo to hurry along to something else.  As the top-ranking member of Conde’s government, he should be used to many bad things, especially the bloody wounds of youth injured by state security.

Then, the “international community” enters the picture.  You will see Philippe Van Damme, the EU representative, Alex Laskaris, the US ambassador, and the French ambassador, Bertrand Cochery – see pics.
Recall that Van Damme’s supportive statement abut the Waymark contract got him into trouble with the Guinean opposition many months ago resulting in protesters gathering in front of EU offices in Conakry with placards telling him to go back home to Belgium.  Of late, Van Damme has gone on the airwaves in Guinea doing Alpha Conde’s bidding in the propaganda wars about violence in Guinea suggesting that opposition kids and their rocks will bring down civilization as we know it.  Mr. Laskaris, while initially welcomed by Guineans as one who could figure prominently in bringing peace to Guinea, appears to be in the Van Damme camp now blaming kids with rocks instead of the thousands of security forces, militias and other irregular forces who, under the orders of Alpha Conde, are committing ethnic cleansing of Peuls.  As for the French ambassador, it seems his approach is more behind the scenes.  Suffice it to say, all three want Guinea CALM so that the election can be held and Guinea’s “transition” will be complete.  Note at the end of the video, Laskaris and Cochery are talking with Mme. Diallo.  Don’t know whether they are too hot dressed in coat and tie or worried that, if they stay longer, the kids will throw rocks at them, or both, but a quick exit appears to be the cure.  Laskaris’ “calm down” gesture to the crowd as he departs, would do more good if given to Conde and his security forces.
The video follows:

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